College entrance examination students cut double eyelids, accident?

After the end of the college entrance examination, many candidates took advantage of the holiday to cut their eyelids. Some doctors said that the number of visits in summer was 3-4 times of the usual, of which 20% were male students.

during the three-month holiday after the end of the examination, candidates will travel in groups and test their driver’s license. Some of them are taking advantage of the holiday to reshape themselves and welcome the beginning of school with a new look. Most netizens believe that it is not improper to use the summer vacation to do a little plastic surgery, just enjoy the first adult vacation. Some people are worried that the pursuit of double eyelid aesthetics is too simple and has lost its characteristics.

it doesn’t make much sense to argue whether double eyelids are good-looking or single eyelids are good-looking. Just like netizens said, it’s good if you like it. Everyone has a love for beauty. If you want to be more beautiful, why not enter the university with a new image?

today, people’s pursuit of beauty is more urgent, and more people are willing to use knives in their faces to make themselves more delicate. Adolescent students have a strong desire for beauty. The pursuit of beauty is not a sudden idea, but a long-term dormancy and burst out in summer. Many occupations seem to give students ample reasons for their appearance. Many young people think that holidays are rare, and plastic surgery is also a preparation for future job hunting.

it is worth noting that it is rare for students to “beautify” secretly without their families. The upsurge of students’ plastic surgery in summer is related to the parents’ recognition of their children’s plastic surgery and the change of their attitude. “It doesn’t cost a lot of money. If a child wants to change his image, he or she will support her / him.” Many parents take the initiative to accompany their children to plastic surgery, and actively discuss with plastic surgeons to design the surgical plan.

from the consumption data in recent years, students’ cosmetic surgery is becoming more and more rational, which reflects people’s acceptance of cosmetic surgery to a certain extent, and also reflects the change of people’s self aesthetics and values. The ever-decreasing consumption threshold and the desire for rapid beauty make the post-00s rush into hospitals and embark on the journey of beauty. Medical cosmetology has become a common way of life after 00, and this trend is becoming more and more intense.

of course, there are still controversies about the younger age of plastic surgery in society. In the absence of a mature aesthetic consciousness, we should not blindly follow suit. The aesthetic consciousness of minors is often lack of independent thinking and judgment ability, and it is easy to regard stars and love beans as plastic models.

some people may think that we should not pay too much attention to external affairs. However, the external and the internal itself are not antagonistic. Xueba with exquisite appearance and profound knowledge is not rare. But in the pursuit of external, young people should not forget that inner temperament is equally important. It is also a kind of beauty to have poems and books. High appearance is a bonus. However, if you want to stand out in your study and work, you have to rely on your real ability. Being a vase doesn’t buy you a smooth life.

the college entrance examination students should look at it with an open mind. Respect young people’s ideas, each generation has its own aesthetic perspective. Double eyelids or Danfeng eyes, can face up to their own choice, and accept the risk, perhaps it is not a surprise. 08/17/2020