Combined with the fruitless tadpole, where is the final destination? Women are curious about the first three

Most people are concerned about whether the male tadpole will combine with the female’s egg, and how it will develop after it becomes a fertilized egg. However, few people will pay attention to the final “destination” of those little tadpoles who do not combine with the eggs. < / P > < p > shortly after entering the female body, the female reproductive system is weakly acidic, and its pH values are mostly between 3.8 and 4.4, while the male tadpoles are weakly alkaline, with pH values ranging from 7.2 to 8.0. < p > < p > acid and alkali are incompatible. When some “tadpoles” with poor activity suddenly enter the female body, they are on the verge of death. After being affected by acidic environment, they may be inactivated directly, or lose their activity after a long time. < / P > < p > this is why it is emphasized that male friends should pay attention to the quality of their sperm. Otherwise, they will suffer a lot more than other men during pregnancy preparation. They may win the prize several times, and you will lose their activity before meeting the eggs because of poor quality of tadpoles. < / P > < p > lost in the fallopian tube, not all the tadpoles can successfully arrive at the meeting with the egg and combine with it to form a fertilized egg. Some tadpoles may be on the way to see the egg, that is, lost in the fallopian tube. < / P > < p > after all, compared with tadpoles, the fallopian tube road is indeed very long. In addition, the number of tadpoles is so large that the road is congested and it is inevitable to get lost. Therefore, if some tadpoles lose their way in the fallopian tube, they will not be able to reach the place where the eggs are. Finally, they will lose their activity in the fallopian tube due to long time lost. < / P > < p > some tadpoles were killed by acid on the road. Although they were not killed by acid when they first entered the female body, they would also be acid dead on the way to see the eggs because of their low activity or poor quality. However, not all the tadpoles are so lucky. If they are far away from the egg junction, the chances will be seized by other tadpoles, while those far away can only watch and wait, Finally, it lost its activity. < / P > < p > there are also some tadpoles who are relatively lucky. At least they have the opportunity to combine with the tadpoles, but the combination is fruitless. They can only make room for other tadpoles to try, and they can only go to the side “lonely” and wait to lose their activity. < / P > < p > if we are lucky enough and the quality of tadpoles and eggs is good, we may combine to form fertilized eggs. Sometimes even more than one tadpole will succeed, or two or more tadpoles will form, which is what we often call multiple births. < / P > < p > after successful combination, the fertilized egg will soon move deeper into the fallopian tube, until it enters the uterus and is implanted in the endometrium. Finally, it slowly develops into an embryo and begins the complete pregnancy process. Of course, in this process, many people will pay attention to some practical problems, such as which inactivated tadpoles finally go? < / P > < p > in fact, most of them have two results. One is that the secretion of women is finally discharged from the body, and the other is that some of them are difficult to discharge independently, so they will be slowly absorbed by the female body, which means “turn into spring mud to protect flowers”. Therefore, we can see that the key to successful pregnancy preparation is not only women, but also has a great relationship with men, especially the quality of tadpoles. < p > < p > if male tadpoles have better quality and stronger activity, the pregnancy rate will be improved to a certain extent. Therefore, male friends should also pay attention to their own body conditioning, as far as possible to improve the quality of tadpoles. < p > < p > balanced diet structure. Male friends always think that this is something women should pay attention to. In fact, it is not. Men should also pay attention to it. After all, it is related to the quality of raw materials for synthesizing tadpoles. If there is no nutrition, then how can tadpoles be of high quality? < p > < p > stay up late. Studies have shown that staying up late can also have a greater impact on the quality of male tadpoles, usually by reducing activity. Therefore, those male friends who often stay up late should pay more attention to the fact that they can not stay up late for the sake of their reproductive system health. Smoke less and drink less. It is very difficult for some male friends not to smoke or drink at all, so try to reduce the frequency. Because the clinical data show that smoking, drinking male tadpole activity is more than 2 times lower than normal male, visible its harm! Waistcoat line type abdominal abuse posture, shaping the perfect abdominal curve!