Comment: a lot of children get worse from being wronged for the first time

It has not been like this for a long time. People are so moved when they face such a news and are glad that a child is treated well. Many people are relieved to see that the police investigation has cleared their children of their grievances. The heart of a child is a piece of white paper. This kind of education can leave on this piece of white paper the beauty of life and the dependence on rules and justice. < p > < p > the 10-year-old boy in Chongqing was suspected of rowing a car, but he firmly denied it. His father confessed to pay 3500 yuan. The police watched the surveillance for three days and the truth turned around. The fact turned out that it was not the child’s, so the owner returned the compensation and apologized to the child. Many netizens feel that this news is too cured, it is the cure after watching too many heart blocking news such as “dare not be a good man”. The boy’s father said afterwards: “this matter can be solved successfully. I really want to thank the conscientious and responsible officer Zou. Although the matter itself is not very big, officer Zou has always felt that he can’t wronged the child. He actively communicated with him, repeatedly studied and judged, consulted the monitoring video for several days in a row, tried his best to find the truth, returned the child’s innocence and protected the sunshine in the child’s mind. ”Excellent parents and responsible police officers can make an honest and firm child more firmly believe in the power of justice. The textbook like attitude in handling cases and the textbook like education process not only project sunshine into a child’s heart, but also a vivid education of honesty, law, family and parents. Bacon’s sentence is often quoted. An unjust trial may result in more than ten crimes. The crime only pollutes the water flow, but the wrong trial pollutes the water source. This sentence is especially appropriate here. If the wrong judgment of a child is not corrected in time, the consequences of this matter are very serious. The heart of the child is the water source. However, the responsible police reversed this result by rewriting Bacon’s words into one fair trial, and even more than ten good deeds. This kind of fair trial nourishes the source of justice, especially when the judgment concerns children and is watched by children. < / P > < p > many children’s deterioration starts from being wronged for the first time. Especially when adults feel that you have done something wrong, it must be you. Even your relatives insist that you did it. Even the police uncle, which is a symbol of legal justice, thinks so, they will feel at a loss and the sky will fall. It is clear that it was not done by himself, but the child can not prove his innocence by himself. What he said was arbitrarily judged as “child lying”. In the face of this situation, adults may also resort to self-investigation and legal proceedings to clarify their grievances. How can a child choose? Most of the time, he can only choose not to trust the world in his heart. Since I am not trusted, why should I trust others? How can we rely on laws to recover justice? If this kind of knot can not be relieved, they will gradually choose to believe in fists, cheat, thick and black, and cheat on others. < / P > < p > this incident tells us how terrible the arbitrariness of adults is sometimes, and how helpless children are in the face of such arbitrariness. Their world is the labels that adults attach to them, and their values and world outlook are formed in one label after another. When facing some kind of accusation against children, adults pay more attention to their own face. They solve the accusation earlier, blame the children, and ignore the humiliation of the scene. They instinctively think that the child will lie, jump to a conclusion without factual evidence, and do not give the child an opportunity to explain. Instead of persuading with equal posture and solid facts, we should use the authority of parents to solve the problem quickly. < / P > < p > because of these problems, this news particularly touched us. This parent is worth learning. The process of handling reflects the respect for the child: when the evidence is unfavorable to the child, he does not become angry and humiliates the child, and defends his face by humiliating and scolding the child, realizing that he is unfair to the child in such public occasions Even if you do something wrong, you should educate your child with a sense of security. It can’t be solved in a “noisy” way, which will give children an illusion. First negotiate and solve the problem, take the child away as soon as possible, and then have heart to heart communication after returning home. After going home and having a long talk with the child, the child insisted that he did not do it by himself, and was sure that it had nothing to do with the child. He took the opportunity to tell the child the truth of “how to face this seemingly unclean misunderstanding”. This patience, and equal communication with children based on facts and trust, is what education should look like. Police officer Zou is especially worthy of praise. A father’s patience and trust in his children is a natural emotion, while a police officer’s responsibility for strange children requires a high degree of professionalism. It seems that it is not too big a matter. He seems to be able to make a judgment according to the situation at that time. He doesn’t have to worry about watching the monitoring for such a long time. The matter has been solved in the compensation of 3500 yuan. However, he did not judge the case of muddleheaded officials. He did not let go of doubts. He did not think that “what a big thing is the children’s business”. He felt that the child was not his own to speak with the evidence, but legal justice was related to everyone. Even if the child did it, he should use the evidence to convince the child. < / P > < p > a good father and a responsible policeman not only avoid the harm to a child, but also give the child rules and integrity and confidence. It is also the nourishment of social justice, good people will not be bullied, honest people will have legal protection. Many children get worse because they are wronged for the first time. No one believes them, so they choose to believe in fists, superstitious in anti rules and hidden rules, or even break rules. Adults bear more responsibilities than educating children not to lie and believe in justice. A virtuous circle needs to start with adults. 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