Comments: the implementation of the “youth model” requires the cooperation of parents and the platform

According to a survey report released by the China Youth Research Center, nearly 70% of the respondents have used short videos, and the proportion of junior high school students who have used short videos is even higher. How do minors view the content of short videos? According to the data, 29.7% of the minors think that most of the short video content is vulgar, 31.4% of the minors think that the youth mode adopted by the short video is of little use, and 54.9% of the minors agree that the use of short video under the age of 14 should be approved by their parents or accompanied by their parents. < / P > < p > during the epidemic period, the problem of teenagers addicted to online games has been further amplified, and the problems of excessive consumption have become more prominent, and the consumption disputes and complaints have also increased sharply. In social networking platforms and online forums, parents often make complaints about their children’s addiction to games. And many short video platforms, online game platform “youth mode” may be easy to crack or bypass by the minors. Strict implementation of the “youth model” requires not only the close cooperation of parents, but also the technical support and scientific supervision of the platform. < / P > < p > “you have a good plan, I have a wall ladder”. The “youth mode” and “one click no play” mode of some platforms are easy to be cracked by teenagers. Now, many teenagers have become online game control, mobile phone control, live control, and even some seven or eight year old primary school students are far more proficient in mobile phones, networks and computers than adults. Especially during the holidays, some parents have no time to take care of their children, which makes some naughty children trapped in online games and live broadcasting, and even spend a lot of money to buy equipment and reward network anchors. Subjectively, teenagers are addicted to the Internet, and there are some reasons why their parents are not in place to supervise and even indulge their children intentionally or unintentionally. Some parents are busy with their work or other affairs and have no time to take care of their children, leading to their children indulging in live broadcast and online games. Some parents intend to use the mobile phone as a “magic tool” to coax their children into using their own accounts, or purchase mobile phones for their children to “facilitate learning”. As the guardian of children and the first person responsible for the healthy growth of teenagers, some parents have an unshirkable responsibility for their children’s indulgence in online games and short videos. Objectively speaking, the effect of “youth model” on prevention of addiction is limited, which is closely related to the deliberate “water release” and deregulation of some network platforms. At present, face recognition, real name authentication, SMS notification, associated guardian, quota recharge and other technologies have become very mature. Any network platform has the ability to do better. However, under the interest impulse of absorbing users, increasing activity and improving performance, some platforms deliberately leave “back door” to let children who lack self-discipline ability “have time to drill”. Some playful children can easily break through the defense line to play, buy equipment and reward, while platforms reap profits. The rights and interests of minors and parents’ wallets have become the biggest victims. < / P > < p > in the information age, it is the general trend to use mobile phones. Parents should not always be strict with their children. The network platform with strong technical support can not put the responsibility on parents, but deliberately shirk their regulatory responsibility. It is clearly stipulated in the amendment on October 17, 2020 that network product and service providers shall not provide products and services that induce minors to indulge in; network service providers such as online games, online live broadcast, online audio and video, and online social networking should set corresponding time management, authority management, consumption management and other functions for minors to use their services. < / P > < p > to implement the “youth model” to escort the healthy growth of teenagers, parents should do their duty of guardianship, pay more attention to and accompany teenagers, and should not allow their children to indulge in online games or live broadcast. The network platform with advanced technology should fulfill its legal and social responsibilities, give full play to its technical advantages, make full use of such technologies as face recognition, real name authentication, SMS notification, associated guardians, one person one number, limited recharge and other technologies, so as to effectively fulfill the responsibility of protecting the rights and interests of minors. 08/16/2020