Commonly used disinfectant, which is more suitable for cleaning the wound? Listen to the doctor

Wound refers to the place where the skin surface is injured and cracked, which is also very common in our life. We may have a wound if we accidentally bump it. After the wound, we must deal with it in time to avoid local infection and reduce some local inflammatory reaction. If there is more bleeding, we should go to the hospital as soon as possible to avoid aggravating the injury.

if the wound is fresh, the first step should be to wash it with normal saline. If the wound is deep, we can also use some hydrogen peroxide, which is rich in oxygen, to avoid the growth of anaerobic bacteria as far as possible.

if it’s a wound after that, if there is any, we can use some disinfectants containing iodine, then its mutual effect is better. In case of temporary emergency, we don’t have the disinfectant mentioned above. In fact, it is OK for us to use tap water or cold boiled water to wash the wound first and wash away some polluted sludge and siltation around the wound first, but we need to do further treatment later.

take the gauze on the wound, especially for the early wound. There may be a lot of exudate or bleeding. It permeates around the gauze and gauze wound, and when the exudate dries, it will stick tightly to our wound. When changing the gauze, it sticks very tightly. If you tear it directly at this time, one may not tear it off, and it will be very painful. The second may also bring down some tissues on the surface and even cause bleeding.

at this time, we should wet it with normal saline and let the gauze completely wet. If the knot is not tight, the gauze will slowly separate from the wound surface in a few minutes. If the knot lasts a long time, the soaking time may be a little longer, even five to ten minutes. It’s the best way to protect the wound when it’s wet and thoroughly soaked.

wounds may inevitably appear in our daily life. What we need to do is to clean the wounds in time and disinfect the parts. If the wound is deep, consult the doctor to see if it needs to be sutured, and then actively cooperate with the doctor for treatment. In addition, we need to add more protein and other nutrients, strengthen the nutritional intake, and promote the repair of injury. HEALTHY LIFE