Construction of infant care service system in Shenyang

Recently, Shenyang issued a policy to encourage qualified kindergartens to set up nursery classes, enroll 2-3-year-old children, and encourage qualified units to run nurseries. < / P > < p > the implementation plan proposes that 1-2 infant care service institutions with demonstration effect and certain guiding function will be built in each district and county this year; by 2025, the city will basically form a diversified and diversified infant care service system covering urban and rural areas, and the infant health management rate will reach more than 90%, and the rate of parents and caregivers accepting scientific child care guidance will reach More than 95%. At the same time, we will standardize and develop all kinds of infant care service institutions, and strictly supervise and manage them. Using the Internet and other information means to supervise the whole process of infant care service institutions, all-round and no dead corner. Regularly assess the service quality and safety of infant care service institutions. The monitoring and alarm system of all kinds of infant care service institutions should be operated 24 hours a day to ensure the full coverage of infant activity area, and the storage period of monitoring video data should not be less than 90 days. In accordance with the law, we will implement a system of access to the professional qualifications of staff members, and prohibit the relevant individuals and direct managers of child abuse for life. The implementation plan proposed that maternity leave and nursing leave policy should be fully implemented. The employers are encouraged to take active measures such as flexible arrangement of working hours and reservation of working posts for employees, so as to create convenient conditions for family infant care. The employer should take positive measures such as setting up nursery and nursing room and flexibly arranging working hours according to regulations to meet the needs of employees to care for infants and young children. Maternal and infant rooms are widely set up in airports, stations, shopping malls, hospitals and other public places to provide convenience for family care of infants and young children. We should encourage the establishment of nurseries and parent-child kindergartens in communities, and advocate community-based and family assisted infant care services. After pregnancy, do not let the wife do these five kinds of housework, the husband should be responsible for it, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus!