Contraception: ligation of the upper ring, which way is less harmful to women’s body?

And there was no joy in welcoming the baby. No matter which way it is, it is for women to bear it. Of course, if the male is ligated, the woman will not suffer, but in fact, < / P > < p > upper ring and ligation are more effective and long-term contraceptive methods in medicine, but many women do not know about the follow-up situation. I have had the experience of upper ring, pain for most of a month, later took out, just want the second. < / P > < p > a friend chose shanghuan instead of having a baby after giving birth to the second child. But after the operation, there has been abdominal pain, although not very strong, but also very uncomfortable. < / P > < p > when I arrived at my aunt, I had to change a sanitary napkin in an hour. Every time I come here, it’s a long time. After half a year’s hard work, when I met my friends, they all said that she was pale and bloodless. She was suggested to take it out. < p > < p > she said that her back pain was obvious after wearing the ring. Even housework like washing dishes had to stop and rest several times to complete. She also wanted to take it out, but she was not reconciled to it. After all, she had persisted for several months. If she really took it down, she would have suffered in vain. Later, she took traditional Chinese medicine to recuperate, and gradually got better. < p > < p > in fact, shanghuan is a way that many women will choose. In the past, family planning was strictly checked. Women directors in our village often called migrant married women from other places and asked to go back to shanghuan. < / P > < p > but shanghuan is not once and for all. In 10 years or 15 years, according to the material you choose, you have to take it out again. Some of the time women on the ring for a long time, and then take out a lot of suffering, contraceptive ring and cervical polyps have grown together. < / P > < p > speaking of these two ways, they are not very recommended. After all, health will also be affected, but if you really have to choose one of them, what should we do? What is ligation and upper ring? < p > < p > upper ring: a ring-shaped device placed in the uterus, so that the embryo can not be normally implanted in the uterus, so as to achieve contraceptive effect. It is also the first contraceptive method that many women will choose. < / P > < p > ligation: the female fallopian tube is ligated to prevent the passage of JZ and LZ, so as to achieve contraceptive effect. This is also a kind of sterilization operation. < p > < p > in terms of the impact of the two on health, the impact of shanghuan is smaller. After the ring will cause certain damage to the endometrium, there will be bleeding in a short period of time, and there is inflammation in women. However, it is difficult to restore fertility after ligation. It is a kind of permanent contraception and may have sequelae. Therefore, if you just temporarily do not want to have a baby, to avoid accidental pregnancy, you can choose upper ring, really do not intend to have a child, it is recommended to choose ligation. < / P > < p > I read a report before that there was a woman in Africa who had 44 children at the age of 36. Under such circumstances, it is obviously difficult to survive. It is difficult for children to grow up in this environment. The doctor said the woman had a rare disease, so she couldn’t use contraception like a normal person. But can contraception only choose upper ring and ligation? < / P > < p > if you don’t want a baby, you can choose one of the six ways. But as far as the upper ring and ligation are concerned, I think if it’s OK, the men will come out, and the women won’t have to go to the operating table. < p > < p > a mother in our community said that her husband loved her very much. After giving birth to her second baby, she went to have a ligation operation. Now the hospital to do ligation operation is very few, we would rather choose the contraceptive effect is not so good way, also do not want to suffer this crime. If you want to have children one day, you also have a way out. < / P > < p > for women who do not want a baby for the time being, they can discuss with their husbands and choose the way that is suitable for them and has the least harm to their bodies. After all, it’s a long time. Which way would you choose? Focus