Cough sleep well? The root knot is in the liver and lung! Drink 3 cups of tea to relieve pharyngitis

Cough can be relieved by regulating liver qi. According to traditional Chinese medicine, “there are three kinds of dangerous cough which can be treated from the liver.”. < p > < p > there are symptoms such as intermittent cough, high cough sound, bitter mouth and dry throat, and blood in sputum, which mostly occurs in patients with bronchitis and bronchiectasis, and it is suitable to use Xingju Decoction to regulate. < / P > < p > symptoms such as cough and phlegm, chest tightness, foreign body sensation in the pharynx, etc. were found in patients with pharyngitis and allergic cough. It is suitable to use Huatan Decoction for conditioning. < p > < p > symptoms such as intermittent cough, cough in the morning at night, less sputum, itchy throat, chest tightness and other symptoms, and more than 8 weeks, may develop into asthma. It is suitable for Qufeng Zhike prescription. Chronic and intractable cough symptoms usually represent liver and lung disorders, which can be treated according to different symptoms and causes, timely relieving cough and resolving phlegm, and protecting throat and lung. 2