CPB skin’s key to cross the peak work — the eighth generation of gold brings cream upgrade.

Since its birth in 1982, CPB, the palace beauty luxury product, has always been familiar with women’s inherent power of brilliance, adhering to the concept of surpassing oneself and pursuing perfection, and realizing scientific and technological innovation again and again. In August 2020, a new realm of eighth generation of cream has come across the world. The quality of life has not changed, and the quality of life has been flourishing. In the era of avatar, the brilliant vitality of cutting-edge skin care technology has condensed CPB’s soul composition and technology, guarding the source of young skin, shining the beauty of beauty, helping every woman shine from inside to outside, and accomplishing herself.

new gold cream new breakthrough ingredient – Super yeast essence, to achieve microvascular level new repair, source activation of capillary microtubules, filling the dermis, new collagen, bloom young light. With the exclusive cutting-edge skin care technology, triple stem cell repair can bring more targeted multiple in-depth repair, and enjoy the full range of cellular strength and vitality. With the highest concentration of Brightening Essence, it can activate skin intelligence internally. The five rare natural ingredients can significantly improve the night repair ability of skin, combine more than 60 kinds of multiple effects, tighten and moisturize, strengthen the skin defense barrier, nourish the skin in an all-round way, reshape the three-dimensional anti-aging line of the skin, and create a new skin beauty never seen before.

eighth gold cream was born under the honor and blessing. Shiseido group’s research on the tiny new repair of capillaries has been awarded the “beauty Oscar IFSCC” award in 2019. CPB skin key based on this major breakthrough, in-depth exploration, through innumerable extraction and experiments, it is further found that yeast extract can keep the capillary healthy and contribute to the production of collagen, and collagen is an important “weapon” to generate surrounding capillaries and maintain skin elasticity.

the brand new eighth generation of golden cream is the perfect application of this “heavy weapon” to achieve a new anti aging breakthrough. The key to CPB skin is the cost of extracting time by nearly 300 hours per extraction time. Through the cutting-edge ultra micro skincare technology, we extract the “micro vascular level” with a purification rate of less than 1/100000, and repair the ultimate secret ingredient super yeast essence, giving it to the eighth generation of gold cream, which fundamentally improves the skin’s ability to generate new products, thereby stimulating the synthesis of more collagen and the realization of the muscle. The inner part of the skin is filled, filling and purifying the dermal cells, restoring the skin to be smooth, smooth, glossy, and refresh the skin’s youthful vitality, so as to achieve the naked eye effect and create an epoch-making anti-aging skin care masterpiece.

eighth gold cream is synchronized with three heavy stem cells to repair exclusive cutting-edge technology and breakthrough micro level capillary level newborn, strong combination, to achieve multiple targeted skin repair functions, and strengthen skin barrier. The newly added essence of iris Alba can concentrate stem cells “the source of youth”, restore delicate skin, shine young luster, successfully resist the passage of time, and make skin age-free:

· dermis stem cells: add the essence of iris alba, which is known as the “source of Youth” of stem cells, to fill young fibroblasts and new collagen.

eighth cream is injected into the highest concentration of CPB skin, the essence of exclusive soul is the essence of bright muscle. It contains five rare natural ingredients. It uses platinum gold silk essence, Japanese pearl essence, theanine essence, perilla essence and East angelica essence to enhance the skin intelligence, revitalizes the skin’s ability to resist and repair itself, and unlocks the intelligence power of the sleeping skin. When you get up in the morning, you will be shining again like a crystal diamond.

on top of this formula, eighth times of gold cream, after more than 100 steps, reconcile the original 50 kinds of essence again, and upgrade to more than 60 kinds of multi effect essence. After reaching the ultimate harmony, the individual ingredients are perfectly harmonious and harmonious, giving the skin a source of regeneration and vitality, reconstructing the full three-dimensional skin network, activating the inner intelligence of the skin, and being as soft and delicate as ever. Feeling, shining, even and transparent young light.

has achieved a new breakthrough to achieve the cream of eighth effective cream for all skin care. Under the upgrading of its efficacy, it has also created a supreme and luxurious product experience with an ingenuity. The cream uses the advanced multi water oil fusion technology, adds exclusive exclusive luxury cream formula, touches the snow feeling melt, adds three plants to extract the essence oil, moisten but not greasy, soothes calmness, locks the nutrient, from the open moment, falls into the dreamlike skin change travel.

the bottle body has also been upgraded. The design inspiration comes from the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. The cutting-edge technology is used to make the bottle present holographic diamond light, and the jewelry design aesthetics can reflect the brilliance handed down from generation to generation. The key to

CPB’s skin is the endless quest for more than 30 years. We have achieved CPB’s palace skin care cream, the golden cream, the cream of the past dynasties, unlocking the meaning of skin with pioneer skincare technology and sincerity.

CPB skin is the first bottle of the industry to develop the All-in-one full effect skin care product based on the Nobel prize winning ion channel theory. Since the advent of the first bottle of cream in 1982, from the first generation of skin cell management theory to the seventh generation of skin cell intuition theory, to 2020, the new theory of skin intelligence has developed over the past 38 years, and has evolved to the eighth generation of all the top luxury cream. It surpasses the current skin care field and achieves the cutting-edge skin care technology masterpiece. It is the symbol of firmness, youth, vigor and beauty.

new cream has gone through eight generations of precipitation and breakthroughs, with the wisdom of women in the times to join hands in the delicate life, always shine confident and beautiful. With all-round and full effect repairing power and perfect skin care experience, it makes the skin more radiant, enriches the heart, wakes up the inner shining power of every woman, glorifies herself and others, and transmits the female power of “wisdom, delicacy and uncompromising”. Pets