Crane uncle ten drops of water washes the face the correct method ten drops of water washes the face to be able to go blackhead acne

Wash your face with a basin of warm hot water and half a piece of about 2.5 ml of ten drops of water, and then rub it with neutral facial milk for one minute. If you don’t like the taste, you can finally rinse it with warm water and dry it with a towel. Wash face will dry, must wipe Vaseline moisturizing. Shidishui has the effect of heat clearing and resuscitation, which can help to open the mouth of hair follicles.

do not use foundation after using ten drops of water. Use Vaseline moisturizer. Dry epidermis can make cuticle thicken, can block pore. Pay attention to skin damage and do not use.

ten drops of water to wash black head: wash once, there will be no black head. Remind me that black head is very long and as long as the depth of hair follicle. If the surface is washed off, there is still more inside! Then wash. Discharge process, if the mouth is small, hard acne will turn red pimples, wipe Iodophor for a period of time.