Daily skin care and make-up of these four points do not do wrong, superposition error effect bad skin, make-up more old

Small partners often ask questions about which is the first and which is the last in the skin care and make-up process. Today, let’s talk about a few frequently asked questions about the order of use of products ~ < / P > < p > to distinguish the use order of sunscreen and base makeup, we should first define the function of sunscreen and base makeup. The base make-up belongs to the process of color make-up. < / P > < p > and sunscreen, every time we talk about skin care, we are saying: the three most important things of basic skin care: cleaning, moisturizing and sunscreen. Sunscreen is also the most important way to resist ultraviolet rays, free radicals and aging. Therefore, sunscreen belongs to skin care. We define sunscreen as the last step in skin care. < / P > < p > in fact, if we change our thinking, we will find that the foundation makeup is mainly made of powder. It is obvious that when we use online base makeup, sun protection will destroy the integrity of the base makeup. Therefore, sunscreen should be at the front and bottom makeup at the back. < / P > < p > with the growth of age, in fact, the requirements for the texture of base make-up will be higher than when they are young. Because of its skin defects increase, a careless fine lines what will be exposed. And the base make-up heavy will also look fake, show old, and too heavy skin care, will also lead to the bottom make-up do not stick. < p > < p > so my pre makeup skincare is basically simple. Skin care process generally only use make-up water and vitamin C essence, then use Farmacy honey cream as makeup milk, then directly on the bottom makeup or partial concealer. < / P > < p > such a streamlined skin care process can make the follow-up base make-up more light and thin, even if the makeup is applied for a period of time, it will not be too heavy. At the same time, it can avoid the problem of excessive skin care.

look at the color of the concealer product; many buddy will have acne or red inflammation of the face. According to the principle of color correction, it is recommended to use partial green Concealer or makeup breast before local treatment.

another situation is to use the purple purple makeup or Concealer products to improve the problem of facial dull. Similar to this situation with color correction of skin color, it is recommended to use before makeup.

partial blemish such as blain, spot, blemish, blemish and so on, need partial blemish condition, if first concealer and bottom makeup, the process of pressing the bottom will destroy the concealer. At the same time, first use the bottom makeup and then use the concealer to make the edge of the concealer blink naturally. Therefore, it is recommended to use it after makeup.

from my own practical experience, this punctuate Concealer is very likely to cover the blemish in the makeup process after the face is repaired.

often asks a small buddy to ask who should use the essence before using it. In fact, we have said before: skin care products, whether they are make-up water, cream, lotion or cream, should be followed in order of usage: first, they should be moist and refreshing with texture, and then use the principle of moist texture. < / P > < p > and the use of efficacy products depends not only on the products, but also on the individual skin tolerance. For example, for vitamin C and vitamin A products, I would recommend using them first, which can help the products better penetrate and absorb and play their functions.

but if you don’t know for the first time whether you are able to tolerate it or use a product has already been intolerant, you can use a moisturizing essence or face oil before you can use the product to reduce the irritation of active ingredients.

for example, the 25% acid mask of drunk elephant is collocation with a drunk like maluera oil in order to adapt to the novice. At the same time, the official method also suggests that the first user recommend using the Mala oil mixed acid mask to reduce the irritation of the acid mask. After the skin is completely tolerated, the fruit acid mask will be used alone. < / P > < p > of course, it is not recommended to mix products together, especially for products of different brands. Mixing different product ingredients together may cause chemical reactions. The recommended method is to use moisturizing cream or skin care oil to form an insulating layer on the skin surface to reduce penetration and skin irritation.

sunscreen is the skin care process, the bottom makeup is the make-up process, before sunscreen is in front of the make-up; before sunscreen and makeup, it is not necessary to use it at the same time. The makeup milk with the effect of correcting skin color and filling pores needs to be used after sunscreen. The use sequence of concealer and bottom makeup depends on the use of specific Concealer products and concealer. In general, skin color is used before makeup, and spots such as spots and blemish are recommended for use after skin makeup. Skin care products are generally based on the principle of light texture and good texture. In addition, it depends on the purpose of the product. For example, the products that want to promote the penetration and absorption should be used in the front as far as possible, and the products that want to avoid stimulation and reduce the penetration should be used at the back as far as possible. OK, the above is today’s content, hope to help you ~ I’m Miya, if you want to know more reliable beauty knowledge, remember to like and pay attention to ~= https://luanban.com/dont-want-to-get-pimples-again-acne-you-should-do-this/ target=_ blank>Don’t want to get pimples again? “Acne” you should do this