Dalian primary and secondary schools opened on September 1, closed campus management

On August 17, the Education Bureau of Dalian City, Liaoning Province issued a notice on the opening of primary and secondary schools in the city. Students of all grades in primary, junior and senior high schools and secondary and third grade students of secondary vocational schools in Dalian city started normal on September 1. According to the admission schedule of the secondary vocational school, the first year students of the secondary vocational school will open one after another on September 7-14. Cancellation of the original August 31 student assembly day. The working time of teachers is August 25. Teachers, students and staff returning from overseas and high-risk areas in China need to be isolated according to epidemic prevention requirements and provide nucleic acid detection certificate within 7 days before returning to school.

the notice requires that the health monitoring of all staff should be carried out strictly before the start of school, and the health status of teachers, students and staff, as well as the living conditions in medium and high-risk areas, should be accurately mastered before the opening of school, and the health status account should be established. After the beginning of the school, we should continue to implement the closed campus management, strictly control the entry of irrelevant personnel and vehicles, check the identity of the personnel entering the campus, check the health code and itinerary card information, check the body temperature and health status one by one, and strictly prevent the source of disease from entering the campus. Schools with students who fail to return to school should coordinate and control resources, establish and improve the “school teacher student parent” line contact mechanism, and organize and carry out targeted online teaching activities. It is necessary to ensure the full coverage of online teaching for relevant student groups, timely check a small number of students from poor families who do not have online learning conditions, and provide learning terminals and network traffic support. 08/17/2020