Dandruff shampoo is only used once a week. It is not recommended for those without dandruff

The appearance of dandruff not only affects personal image, but also makes people miserable. As a result, many people put their eyes on the dandruff shampoo. In fact, overuse of such shampoos is not a permanent cure. < p > < p > dandruff is the skin dirt caused by the continuous exfoliation of the cuticle of the human body. It is a product of metabolism, and occasionally dandruff is a normal phenomenon. According to the different conditions, it can be divided into physiological and pathological types. Physiological dandruff is more common, is a kind of dry dandruff, performance for chaff, gray white small phosphorus chips, scattered in the hair. A small amount of physiological dandruff can also be shown as oily dandruff, that is, the scalp and hair with greasy and slippery feeling, and with different thickness of scab. Pathological dandruff refers to the scalp inflammation caused by bacterial infection, fungal infection or other physical and chemical injuries. It is generally manifested as excessive dandruff, blocked pores, damaged hair, and even scalp itching. < / P > < p > common anti dandruff shampoos contain surfactants, macromolecular cationic polymers, dandruff removers and silicone oil. Macromolecule cationic polymers will form gel state when they are rinsed. They will be coated with dandruff agents, deposited on the scalp, and then kill the scalp fungi so as to achieve the antidandruff effect. But if the long-term use will destroy the scalp’s normal flora, but make dandruff increase. Therefore, people with dandruff can use it once a week, and those without dandruff are not recommended. Skip to content