Dandruff shampoo “large rollover” Scene: Haifei silk hair loss, Kangwang dependence, it is too pungent

For girls, it is everyone’s desire to have seaweed like hair, which makes the whole person look younger, energetic and feminine. However, the quality of today’s shampoo is not as good as before. After washing, either dandruff is flying all over the sky, or hair loss is serious, and there is always no shampoo you like. So many people have put the goal of shampoo on the international brands. In particular, the curve type of shampoo, step on the countless thunder, today to see the dandruff shampoo large rollover scene, to see if you are one of them!

the famous anti dandruff shampoo, haifeisi believes that every girl has used it, but why still can’t stop the dandruff? Because few people can insist on using it all the time. Although it has a strong anti dandruff effect, it also has a very serious problem. After washing, the hair is dry and hairy, and it is not smooth at all. And after washing more dry hair will also let dandruff fall off quickly, leading to a girl’s shoulder is always a piece of white flowers.

the milky white texture is quite refreshing, especially oily hair. After using it, the oil control can last for two days, and the light fragrance doesn’t feel very pungent. However, most of the female students in the use of a few times will be their own dry face prickly hair dissuade, so it is also empty effect, but there is no experience for people to use it.

many girls choose Kangwang because of its small and delicate packaging, which is very simple and well-known as dandruff shampoo. Its ingredients are relatively mild and not irritating, and it will feel refreshing after washing. The cleaning of dandruff is obvious, especially the scalp problem is more serious, often appear large pieces of dandruff, with Kangwang, really improved.

but the problem is also relatively serious. After washing, many people will have a kind of dependence. When they change to other shampoos, they find that all kinds of problems emerge in succession, and they have to go back to Kangwang. In this way, the hair will not be able to achieve its ideal softness and texture. If he does better in hair care, he may have a large number of loyal fans, but in addition to dandruff, there is a strong dependence on the glossiness and care of hair is not very good.

it’s also popular in the past two years. This shampoo is known as the terminator of dandruff. It’s very popular on the Internet. It can be said that it’s a net red anti dandruff shampoo. Just after washing can immediately feel dandruff reduced a lot, the same defects after washing become very dry, this is the common problem of dandruff shampoo, however, some liver is acceptable, some liver is not, like this one is still reluctant to accept, especially oily hair, may like it.

but it doesn’t smell very good. It has the feeling of preserved egg and sulfur soap, which is strange and pungent. For girls to pursue all kinds of fragrant and beautiful things, the taste of this shampoo is obviously unacceptable. It may not be obvious on boys’ short hair, but the smell of long hair may last for two or three days, which is unbearable.

dandruff is a top priority for girls all the time. No matter how soft and smooth the hair is, with dandruff embellishment, it becomes sloppy in an instant. Temperament minutes disappear, so dandruff become girls in the shampoo in which just need, followed by lubrication and fragrance. However, in the long road to remove dandruff, many people have stepped on thunder and overturned their cars. How to cure the problem in the end may depend on the internal adjustment. 15 entry-level basic skin care rules, skin care Xiaobai quickly take to collect!