Danish children’s program: foreign netizens split

In order to teach children to fight against physical humiliation and encourage them to identify with their bodies in a more positive manner, a Danish children’s program invited five guests to show and interact with a group of children aged 11-13 in the form of real people. According to the producers of the program, this is intended to convey the idea that what the body is is like is not necessary for everyone to be as perfect as social media shows. People should eliminate physical inferiority and confront physical humiliation. < p > < p > according to the report on September 18, local time, the show called “invited five adults with different gender, age, skin color, body shape and health status. < / P > < p > the host stressed to the audience: “you can’t do anything wrong” and “there are no bad questions” to encourage the children to interact with the guests. Ule, one of the guests, said she wanted to tell children that “perfect bodies” are rare and rare, and that what people see on social media is often misleading. According to the producers of the program, people need to realize that the feelings and cognition of contemporary people about their poor health come from the impression conveyed by social networks. The purpose of this program is to enable children to actively identify with their bodies and learn to resist physical humiliation. < / P > < p > “90% of the bodies you see on social media are flawless. But that doesn’t mean 90% of the world is like this. We all have excess fat, acne, or sparse hair. I hope the children can know through this program that there is nothing wrong with this < / P > < p > it has been affirmed that children need to know what a normal body is like, and they need to strengthen their recognition of their own bodies. Self esteem is related to many mental health problems and is of great importance.

has some netizens make complaints about it. What is this? Although the attitude towards nudity is more open here than in the United States, is this program too much? At the same time, Denmark also holds a “native” and “Stocking” attitude in children’s education. In the eyes of many Danes, even if children are hurt, they should be left unattended and left unattended. In response to the controversy, Sophie Munster, a nationally recognized expert on parenting in northern Europe and chairman of the Danish government’s Commission on education, admitted that children’s programs featuring adult nudity may indeed take the “Danish way” to extremes, but the way Denmark can alleviate children’s physical anxiety is to expose them to naked bodies. < / P > < p > in 2014, “in order to avoid inbreeding” and “protect the welfare of other animals”, Copenhagen Zoo, Denmark, carried out euthanasia of a giraffe against the Internet protest. < / P > < p > in front of a large crowd of children, zoo staff dismembered the giraffe and fed the carcass fragments to the lions in the zoo. The zoo said it was an opportunity to educate people and a good way to show people what giraffes look like. < / P > < p > it is understood that the controversial show, produced by Warner Brothers in Denmark, will provide five new episodes on various themes for audiences from different schools. < / P > < p > last year, it won the best children’s Program Award in 2019 at the Danish TV Festival. < p > < p > according to the local Danish media BT, although it is claimed that the target population is young people aged 9-14, it is aimed at “older children and children approaching puberty”. But in fact, children under the age of seven can also watch the show. There are a lot of content about human organs in the program. Peter scarou, a senior member of the Danish people’s Party group, questioned the program through local media: “is this necessary?” “Shouldn’t we treat children as children?”. In scarup’s opinion, this kind of education is not appropriate, which is corrupting children. He believes that it is too early for 7-year-old children to rush to understand the reproductive organs, which is “extreme”. < / P > < p > “children have to learn it at the right time, when parents or schools can talk to their children so that they don’t spread it in such a vulgar way as these TV channels do.” You can play with mobile phones during pregnancy, but these four methods of “hurting your fetus” are not advisable. Be careful of the damage to Taibao