Dasolmom, the goddess of frozen age in South Korea, has 4% ultra-low body fat rate, tight waistcoat line and good figure!

Weight loss has always been an eternal topic among girls, but where is weight loss? The correct answers to these questions have not been popularized. Many people still remain in the wrong understanding that weight loss is to lose weight, but there are many ways to lose weight. The reduction of water and the loss of muscle will lead to weight loss. But are these beneficial to our weight loss? The answer, of course, is No. < / P > < p > the most important thing to lose weight is to reduce the body fat rate. As the name suggests, the body fat rate is the proportion of the body fat weight in the total body weight. It reflects the amount of fat content in the human body. Generally, the body fat rate of normal adults will be slightly different. The body fat rate of men is between 15% and 18%, while that of women is between 25% and 28% Good to maintain muscle content, reduce excess body fat, build a perfect body. Today we are going to talk about this fitness expert who focuses on weight loss training. Dasolmom, a goddess of frozen age from South Korea, was born in 1980. She is already 40 years old. Why say she focuses on weight loss? Take a look at the comparison below, you can see that after half a year’s weight loss training, her body fat rate has dropped by a big circle, and the whole person looks beautiful, all thanks to her scientific and reasonable weight loss program. Like most office workers, dasolmom has a lot of work to do every day, but her body is the foundation of her life. Even though she is busy, dasolmom still insists on keeping fit and clocking in. Sometimes she has no time to go to the gym. She exercises herself at home and exercises herself in many ways, such as aerobics, yoga and pilates. The weight of dasolmom is reduced from 65kg to 48kg More perfect at the same time also more and more beautiful, look at such appearance, who could have thought this is a woman of nearly 40 years old? Dasolmom often says that body fat ratio is the key to highlight her figure. Her super low body fat rate makes her waistcoat line very obvious. Such a good figure can be said to be envied by everyone. If you want to have such body lines, you should spend more time on reducing fat and slimming. Follow dasolmom’s fitness steps, keep exercising for half an hour every day. < / P > < p > prepare for the exercise on the left side. Bend the left knee on tiptoe, move the left leg forward to the middle of the hands, keep the front leg vertical, bend the knee behind, flatten the instep, sink the shoulder, inhale, push the front foot to drive the body upward, and put the hands on the thigh. If you feel relaxed, lift the arm up to the top of the head, and keep the crescent. The left hip is backward, the rear thigh rotates inward, the right hip sinks downward, the instep toe gently pushes the ground, goes to make the chest cavity better to do the extension, the last two breathes, feels the inspiration chest upward, slowly exhales, sinks the hip to drop the hand downward. < / P > < p > slowly exhale, untie the legs, slowly lower the hands down, withdraw the front feet to the four feet kneeling support, enter the cat style flexible pelvis exercise, push the ground with both hands, we do 3-5 pelvic rotations. Lift the sciatic pelvis forward, exhale and roll the tail vertebrae, and rotate the pelvis backward. After 3-5 times, we will join the practice of the whole thoracic vertebrae, inhale and lift the chest, tail vertebrae upward, exhale slowly roll the tail vertebra, retract the mandible, and restore the four legged kneeling support again. After that, stand on tiptoe and lift the buttocks, and keep in the downward dog style. HEALTHY LIFE