Deficiency of Qi and blood, aunt less, insist on drinking this blood tonic soup

The overall feeling is: aunt’s amount, at least from the original pad to the night, from the original 2 days to 4, 5 days, especially excited, the more blood flow, the better ~ ~ you know, our girl’s monthly menstrual blood discharge is to do a “detoxification” in the body. The whole person’s skin color is dark yellow and ruddy, and her face was dark and dull before Step 2: First: peel longan, jujube, medlar and ginger into a pot, add 2 bowls of water, boil it over high heat and turn to low heat for more than 20 minutes. It can take a little longer to cook out the nutrients in the food. Step 5: This Buqi blood decoction is actually very simple, as long as we insist on trying, it will be effective. But menstrual volume is more, suggest to drink less. < / P > < p > Step 6. If you don’t want to boil Chinese medicine and drink it, it’s not convenient. So you can eat rose Poria cocos Chinese medicine tablets together. You can have weak Qi and blood, less menstruation and delayed menstruation. < / P > < p > [soup? I insist on drinking a bowl of soup every day. I drink the former 15 days before menstruation. It’s better not to eat during menstruation. Take Chinese medicine tablets every day, and my aunt can also eat them. The main reason is that I take too little, so I continue to eat them. If you have a fire constitution, you can reduce the number of times of soup. It’s not easy to get hot when the jujube is seeded. The eggs can be directly beaten in, or boiled and peeled to see the taste of the individual. It’s just a personal attempt to share. However, due to the difference of personal constitution, we have other better ways to replenish qi and blood. We can exchange messages in the comment area. Focus