Delivery room those let puerpera “desperate words”, give birth to a baby is painful should? Painless is not terrible

Xiaohui and her husband spent a sweet love period. After two years of marriage, they had children. Unexpectedly, when they gave birth, her husband brought endless pain to them. < / P > < p > it all came from the day of birth, when Xiaohui was in labor, the family was ready to go to the hospital. At the beginning, they all spoke well, and when they couldn’t stand it, they turned to cesarean section and had no pain. < / P > < p > as a result, when my mother-in-law came, my husband changed. Xiaohui has been in labor for more than a day. Waves of pain plunge into Xiaohui’s body like a knife. The mother-in-law said, “it’s not painful to have a baby? It’s good to have another child. I gave birth to ah Cheng in the same way at the beginning. You see, I’m not good now. ” < / P > < p > it seems that the husband has been persuaded, and also heard that the children born naturally are healthier. The husband wavered, and advised his wife to insist again, maybe the children will come out soon. < / P > < p > what her husband didn’t notice is that Xiao Hui’s painful breathing is very light, and her whole body is wet with sweat due to pain. Xiaohui’s mother was so distressed to see her baby like this that she forced Acheng to sign for a caesarean section. < / P > < p > my mother-in-law doesn’t like it. Your daughter-in-law is hypocritical if she doesn’t feel pain when giving birth to a baby, but she has signed and said nothing, waiting for the baby to be born. < p > < p > although her husband’s heart is cold, her heart is still sad. < / P > < p > a tragedy in the past 17 years has sounded the alarm for all of us. The parturient couldn’t stand the pain of labor and wanted to choose caesarean section. The family members didn’t agree. After the parturient knelt down several times and failed, she jumped off the building to commit suicide. < / P > < p > we don’t want to see this kind of outcome. Childbirth is a dead end. The closest husband ignores his wife’s feelings, and the wife will feel desperate. < p > < p > painless childbirth is a means of analgesia which has been spread to our country in recent years. Chinese people who have been advocating natural childbirth and healthy children can not accept this “opportunistic” way. < / P > < p > many elderly people believe that painless childbirth is a “new trick” that the hospital wants to make money to come up with. They are not fooled and have been instilling the best theory of “natural childbirth” into the pregnant women at home. < / P > < p > some mothers do not even understand that their mother-in-law must have suffered this kind of pain when giving birth. Why can’t the same woman understand the pain of their own childbirth? < / P > < p > when the husband looks embarrassed and says “bear it, my mother has experienced it, and it makes sense.” This sentence, the wife is doomed to cold. I don’t know how painful it is if I haven’t experienced it. < / P > < p > many netizens suggested that a “male childbirth experience machine” be installed directly at the door of the delivery room. If you have more pain, you can make it more painful for your husband to see when he agrees to have a caesarean section or no pain. < / P > < p > the painless childbirth chosen during childbirth is not a cannibalism, but can help mother relieve pain and reduce the occurrence of many tragedies when necessary. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE