Depression: depression through chat can be good? Why do patients reject treatment?

I as a past person. I’m also engaged in counseling for mental and mental diseases. Some of my experiences are shared with you in combination with my own treatment experience and learning experience. < / P > < p > in fact, these experiences are also summarized through clinical experience. I hope to give you some reference. Here, I declare again that these sharing are only for reference and learning, not as your treatment plan. Please actively cooperate with your doctor to do your specific treatment plan, which is the most correct. < / P > < p > because everyone’s condition is different, so the plans are different, but the experience sharing here is generally correct, and it is also a general direction of treatment, so there is no mistake to follow. < / P > < p > in my daily work, I often encounter the consultation of some patients with depression and their families, “can we cure depression by chatting?” PARRENT&CHILDREN