Despite the police’s obstruction, stray dog’s mother rescued her son 100 meters in the middle of the flood

Yes, I’m going to celebrate the motherly love of dogs. As one of the most spiritual animals, although they can’t speak, their behavior will always move millions of people.

the last news of hot search today made my heart tremble: yesterday’s continuous heavy rainfall led to a flood in a certain place in Sichuan, which washed a litter of stray dogs into the flood!

five little milk dogs are just born. They are about one month old at most, and they are crowded in the dangerous kennels. Unexpectedly, the whole dog’s nest was washed into the flood!

looking at the helpless little milk dogs who are up and down in the flood, my heart is just like the passers-by in the video. I am over

just like the heroes who can go to heaven and enter the sea in Xianxia dramas when I was a child, the uncle’s hands were held in his hands, his arms were clamped in his arms, and his strong arms became a shelter for dogs.

uncle, one deep and one shallow, swam to the bank with his little milk dog from the flood that almost didn’t enter his body. Carrying the admiration of me and the passers-by in the video.

after uncle went ashore, a little milk dog was left in the flood. Just at this time, the police who received the report also arrived, preparing to find a way to rescue the last dog.

However, the dog mother, who had been waiting for her children on the bank, could not help it. She followed the police to the shore. The police stopped them and worried that the mother dog might fall down accidentally.

from the deepest part of the flood, which is more than 500 meters away from the shore and in the trees, we found the fallen dog. With his mouth firmly in his mouth, he tried to pull out the dog plane and swam to the bank with his own children!

at this moment, looking at the dog’s gouging, I didn’t feel funny for the first time, and I was even excited with his action: he risked his life and didn’t give up his children.

all the people were staring at the mother dog. Finally, they swam to the shore, waiting for the police to carry the mother dog and the pup ashore.

watching the little milk dog shivering in the video, shaking together, I couldn’t help but burst into tears like my friends.

what’s more, dogs have homes now! Netizens road people were moved by the six dogs, willing to feed them, give them a stable home.

although it is said that dog paddle swimming is a dog’s instinct, if the flood speed is fast, the dog mother may not be able to swim back with her baby in her mouth, but she overcomes her fear and forgets herself for her child.

uncles who do not dislike being “animals” and take risks to rescue them; policemen who follow up the whole process and offer help to the dog mother; passers-by who do not watch the excitement, are not indifferent and do not care about themselves; and lovely excrement removing officials who finally give dogs a home!