“Detoxification expert” in the side, often bubble point in the thermos cup, discharge liver poison, give liver bath

The liver is like the chemical factory of our body, which is responsible for the metabolism and decomposition of various substances. In addition, the liver also has the functions of removing toxins, secreting coagulation factors and promoting digestion. However, because the liver does not have pain nerves, we will not notice when there is a problem with the liver, so people often ignore its health status, causing serious consequences to the body.

if the face loses its blood color and becomes dim, it means that liver blood is insufficient, which makes the face unable to get sufficient blood support, and then the face will become gloomy.

when the face turns yellow and even melasma occurs, it indicates that there is too much toxin in the liver, which results in the decrease of detoxification ability after liver damage.

when we usually eat something with peculiar smell, we often have a bad smell in our mouth. However, when we have a normal diet, we should pay attention to it, because the liver is the largest organ to clear away toxins in our body. When the liver is damaged, it will make our body accumulate toxins easily As a result of toxin accumulation in the body can not be released, it will be excreted in other ways, halitosis is one of the most obvious symptoms.

because the liver has the function of secreting coagulation factors, when the liver is damaged, the metabolism of coagulation factors in our body will be abnormal, which makes our body more vulnerable and easy to cause bleeding symptoms. The common symptoms are gingival bleeding and epistaxis.

this is because the liver also has digestive function. The bile secreted by the liver can promote the digestion of food. When the liver is damaged, the digestive system in our body will be disordered, resulting in loss of appetite.

if the above symptoms appear, most of them are due to the fact that they do not pay much attention to their daily life habits, what are the behaviors that cause liver injury in life?

according to relevant data, people who often lose their temper are much more likely to suffer from liver disease than ordinary people. This is because when angry, the body will secrete a substance called catecholamine, which will virtually increase the burden on the liver. On the other hand, people who are often angry will also cause liver fire, which will easily cause stagnation of liver qi and damage to the liver.

fried chicken, hamburger and other fast food are now the favorite of many people. But these foods contain a lot of fat. As the liver is the main metabolic organ for fat in the body, excessive diet will increase the burden on the liver, and the excess fat will form accumulation in the body, which will not only cause obesity, but also easily cause the formation of fatty liver.

people who often drink alcohol will increase the alcohol content in the body. After alcohol is metabolized through the liver, acetaldehyde will be produced, which can cause damage to liver cells in the liver.

drinking water every day can not only accelerate blood circulation, but also remove toxins in blood vessels and reduce the burden on the liver. Of course, if you feel the boiled water tasteless, you can choose to add some herbs into the warm water, which is not only good to drink, but also has better effect on nourishing liver and protecting liver:

nourishing liver needs to start from daily work. In addition to reducing the consumption of greasy food, we should also develop the good habit of going to bed early and getting up early. We can’t stay up late, and staying up late will increase the burden on the liver. Therefore, we should eat more fruits and vegetables, exercise more and develop good living habits.