Development of visual analysis platform in Australia to help research and development of new crown drugs and vaccines

Sydney, September 13 – the University of Melbourne, Australia, announced recently that its researchers have developed an online analysis platform called covid-3d. This platform can visually display the changes of protein structure caused by genome variation of new coronavirus, which is helpful for the development of new coronavirus drugs and vaccines. In order to develop this platform, the research team analyzed the genome sequencing data of more than 120000 new coronavirus samples from the world, and tested the impact of gene sequence changes on the protein structure, infection ability and potential treatment methods of the virus through computer simulation. < / P > < p > the researchers found that the mutation rate of new coronavirus is slower than that of influenza virus, and its genome changes twice a month. To predict possible future mutations in the virus, the team also analyzed mutations in ratg13, a longer-lived severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus and bat virus. The results have been published in a new issue of the British Journal. David Asher, an associate professor at the University of Melbourne, who led the study, said gene mutations and potential protein structural changes of the virus could affect the ability of vaccines and drugs to bind to the virus, as well as the specific immune response elicited by the vaccine. This platform will help researchers better understand the mutation mechanism of virus and find more effective vaccine and drug targets. 08/16/2020