Diabetic, insist to drink yoghurt, can hypoglycemic? The doctor sighs: many people are wrong

Diabetics are often very painful in life, because a lot of food on the diet needs special attention, a lot of things can not eat, carelessly may lead to blood sugar up. Recently, someone said, < / P > < p > Dr. Li told you that patients with diabetes can drink yogurt and milk. Yogurt is a common drink in our daily life, which can promote digestion, increase gastric acid, improve digestion ability, and promote appetite. Moreover, lactic acid in yogurt can not only neutralize gastric acid, but also produce antibacterial substances, which has health care effect on human body. Many old people and children often drink yogurt to improve their gastrointestinal function. < / P > < p > yogurt contains lactose and sucrose, which can increase blood sugar, so some people say that yogurt can’t be mixed with sugar. Although yogurt contains a small amount of lactose and sucrose, the digestion speed of lactose itself is very slow, so it can delay the digestion speed after meals and reduce the rising speed of blood sugar. Moreover, if yogurt is eaten with staple food, it can also reduce the blood sugar reaction of mixed food, so as to maintain the stability of blood sugar. Therefore, diabetes, adhere to drink yogurt, help blood sugar stability, reduce blood sugar. And the probiotics in yogurt can also clean up the intestines, inhibit the inhalation of cholesterol, and play a role in lowering blood lipid. < / P > < p > some people will say that I have diabetes for many years and my blood sugar rises as soon as I drink yogurt, which is a lie. In fact, many times, a lot of people choose the wrong milk, so it leads to high blood sugar. Diabetics should choose yoghurt without sugar. Now many businesses, in order to taste comfortable, will add a lot of sugar in yogurt. Once the sugar content exceeds the standard, it will make the blood sugar rise rapidly. If you drink more sugar yogurt for a long time, it will be extremely unfavorable to the control of blood sugar. < / P > < p > before drinking yoghurt, we can look at the ingredients list of yoghurt. If we find that the content of white granulated sugar, fructose syrup and carbohydrate exceeds the content of lactose, it is to add extra sugar. There is no problem for ordinary people to drink it. At that time, it is easy for diabetic patients to cause blood sugar rise. Diabetic patients try to choose sugar free yogurt, skim yogurt, especially full fat yogurt, flavored yogurt, diabetes is not suitable to drink, if not, you can also make your own yogurt at home, with some hypoglycemic fruit, healthy and delicious. < / P > < p > of course, no matter how good the food is, we should also pay attention to the amount of it. Otherwise, if we drink too much, it is easy to cause too much gastric acid, affect the gastric mucosa, reduce appetite, and lead to inadequate intake of other nutrients. And drink yogurt should choose to drink after dinner, this time to play its maximum effect, especially after two hours. < / P > < p > according to the research and analysis of relevant data, drinking an average of yogurt every day and persisting for a long time can reduce the risk of diabetes. However, this data study group is foreign people, so for Chinese people, it has yet to be proved. However, we still encourage people to drink yogurt. Not only patients with diabetes, but also healthy people can drink yogurt. It not only tastes good, but also has digestive promoting effect on gastrointestinal tract. Moderate drinking can maintain blood glucose level. Privacy Policy