Did not knock did not touch, the body actually often appears bruise? If it is accompanied by other signals, it may indicate that there is cancer in the body

Skin bruise is a very common symptom, especially in the third quarter, the clothing is relatively thin, slightly did not pay attention to, hit, subcutaneous capillary rupture, skin will appear a piece of blue, purple phenomenon. Especially those born thin or thin skin, a touch, even if it is just casual friction, the skin may appear bruised.

it is normal to have bruises after bumping, and it will subside in about a week. However, if you don’t knock or touch, but your body is always bruised for no reason, and it is difficult to get rid of the siltation. The bruise does not show signs of fading after more than a week. It is a sign of serious illness to be vigilant and seek medical treatment in time.

if you just have bruises, no other discomfort, and normal appetite, body temperature, mental state, etc., it is generally normal. It is considered that the capillary is naturally fragile, and if there is a little external force, the blood vessels will ooze. Usually should pay attention to maintenance, do a good job of protection, try to avoid the impact of external force, appropriate amount of vitamin supplement.

when bruise occurs, if there are also abnormal symptoms such as frequent gingival bleeding and nosebleed, yellowing of white eyes, redness of palms, loss of appetite, and dull pain in the right abdomen, it is considered as liver disease.

subcutaneous hemorrhage is rarely caused by early liver disease. The occurrence of this symptom indicates that the disease is already serious. It is considered that liver cancer, liver cirrhosis and other serious liver diseases are considered.

the body is often bruised, accompanied by a long-term fever, nosebleed, and frequent inflammation in many parts of the body, such as gingival inflammation, tonsil inflammation, ear inflammation, edema of lower limbs, anemia, inexplicable pain in many parts of the body, so leukemia is considered.

after this kind of problem occurs, the hematopoiesis capacity in the body will decrease, the body is prone to bleeding or anemia, and the skin is prone to abnormal bruises.

if you are a teenager or a child with frequent bruises, you should consider hemophilia, which is caused by genetic or genetic mutation, and is related to the lack of coagulation factors in the body and the failure to coagulate in time after subcutaneous hemorrhage.

systemic lupus erythematosus should be considered if the body is bruised without any reason, accompanied by fever, joint pain, oral ulcer, allergy, alopecia, and erythematosus. This is an immune disease, poor immunity, the number of platelets in the body is insufficient, it is difficult to control after blood vessel hemorrhage, and it is easy to cause bruise.

people who often have bruises should go to the hospital first, do blood tests, discharge blood related diseases, and find out the specific causes before symptomatic treatment.

after ecchymosis, hot compress can not be used. Hot compress will aggravate bleeding, making the bruise more obvious and more difficult to eliminate. Cold towel can be applied to accelerate hemostasis.

usually, we should eat more vegetables and fruits, and supplement meat appropriately. In terms of life, we should keep enough sleep, exercise properly, actively improve our own immunity, adjust our body state and improve liver function.

skin bruise is a common phenomenon, but it may also be a sign of serious illness. People who always have bruises on their skin for no reason should be examined in time. They should also pay attention to the daily life, control blood pressure and other indicators, protect blood vessels, improve vascular toughness, and prevent the appearance of bruises. CUISINE&HEALTH