Did the circle of friends sell the new coronal vaccine? Illegal! Zhong Nanshan: most of the convalescent patients are not infected

Shanghai released a novel coronavirus pneumonia case in Jilin, Shanghai, Zhongshan. After investigation, the case was diagnosed as an imported confirmed case in April this year, and was discharged after isolation treatment.

the case came to Shanghai in the afternoon of August 9 and went to Zhongshan Hospital on the morning of August 10. The hospital sampled and tested the inpatients according to the relevant requirements of “examination should be completed”. The test results showed that the nucleic acid of new coronavirus was positive, and the patients were diagnosed as asymptomatic recovery of positive cases, which had been transferred to the designated medical institutions for isolation treatment. His wife accompanied him to Shanghai, nucleic acid test was negative, isolation measures have been implemented.

Shanghai immediately carried out follow-up investigation of close contacts and terminal disinfection and other prevention and control measures. Up to now, a total of 23 close contacts in the city have been tracked and managed. Isolation measures have been implemented, and nucleic acid tests are all negative. A novel coronavirus pneumonia test was positive for a 68 year old female retired worker in the United street of Jingzhou Development Zone in Hubei Province on

8 9. The new woman recovered from the new crown pneumonia diagnosed in February 8th and recovered again after several months of treatment.

at present, the patient was re isolated for treatment. All contacts were negative for nucleic acid test. Their residence and activity areas were completely disinfected, and the risk was completely controlled.

3. There is no evidence to show that there is a risk of transmission in the case of recovering Yang. Please do not panic, do not believe in rumors and do not spread rumors. Remind the general public to pay attention to personal protection under the normal situation.

Zhong Nanshan said in an interview that most of the so-called “recovery of Yang” should be nucleic acid fragments rather than the virus itself. Need to pay attention to two cases, the first is whether the patient is relapsed, if the patient produces a strong antibody, generally will not be infected. As for the recovery of Yang patients will infect others, it needs specific analysis. In general, nucleic acid fragments are not infectious. Some scholars have cultured throat swabs and secretions of patients who have recovered Yang, but have not cultivated the virus.

there is a rare case in which patients have a lot of basic diseases, but their symptoms have improved and they have not recovered completely. These patients can not rule out infectious diseases.

Zhang Wenhong also gave an answer to the “recovery of Yang” problem in an interview, “recovery of Yang seems to be a scientific problem, not a clinical problem.” Although there have been cases of relapse in many parts of the country, in fact, the international attention on the recovery of positive cases is declining. The pharyngeal swabs of the patients with recovery of Yang did not produce virus. This means that the recovery of Yang is mainly due to the time taken for patients to clear the virus, which is not infectious, and there is no severe illness in patients with recovery of Yang. From the perspective of epidemiology, it is of little significance to talk about the recovery of Yang.

4. The new crown vaccine has not yet come into the market, but some wechat businesses have already started to sell it? According to a rumor refuted on the Internet in Shanghai, recently, wechat merchants in the circle of friends have sold more than one new crown vaccine!

the copy of the first screen swiping “new crown vaccine” reads: “contact me if you need the new crown vaccine, you can export it, you need to queue up for low output, and it will be officially launched on September 2”, with the picture of an orange packing box.

through the barcode of the box body of the vaccine, a reporter found the source of the two vaccines, respectively from companies in Beijing and Wuhan. After the reporter called contact, the reply was very consistent: not listed! Even more impossible to sell in the circle of friends!

Article 35 of Chapter IV, which came into effect on December 1, 2019, stipulates that units and individuals other than CDCs shall not supply vaccines to vaccination units, and vaccination units shall not receive such vaccines. After taking X-ray to discover pregnancy, can the child still want it? The doctor told you so