Did the man sell his son? Cancel custody and pay maintenance fee!

Not long ago, Shandong Juye County procuratorate supported the prosecution of the revocation of Xu’s custody, and the court ruled to revoke Xu’s guardianship of his own son Xiaowen. After getting the verdict, Xiaowen’s mother Tian expressed her gratitude to the prosecutor and sent a banner, “thank you for your attention to my family’s affairs. This time, the child’s problem has been solved completely.” < p > < p > on October 15, 2012, Xu and Tian were divorced by the court. At the same time, the court ruled that their married daughter Xiaoyan lived with her mother Tian, and their married son Xiaowen lived with her father Xu. In the face of his young son, Xu should have given more pity and care, but after the divorce, Xu was not only lazy in performing his duty of guardianship, but also sold the essay to Hebei Province thousands of miles away. After being rescued by the public security organs, Xiaowen has been living with his mother Tian. During this period, Xu, who had been released from prison for a long time, ignored Xiaowen and never paid the maintenance fee. On June 4, 2020, Tian filed a lawsuit to Juye County Court, asking for the change of Xiaowen’s foster. However, only Tianmou, who has a primary school education and a poor life, has no idea whether he can win the lawsuit or not. Just when Tian was at a loss, he suddenly received a call from the prosecutor of Juye County procuratorate. < / P > < p > “when we took the initiative to contact Tian, Mr. Tian applied to the procuratorial organ to support the prosecution of changing Xiaowen’s foster.” Introduction of Cao Xingling, the procurator in charge of Juye County procuratorate. In June this year, he and his colleagues learned of Xiaowen’s misfortune when he discussed with Juye County Court the mechanism of juvenile protection cooperation. After learning the clues of the case, Juye County procuratorate quickly made a decision: first, to support Tian’s request to change the guardian’s lawsuit. The second is to start the judicial assistance work simultaneously. < p > < p > on June 17, a court hearing was held on the case of Tian’s request for change of dependant, and Juye County procuratorate sent personnel to court to support the prosecution and participate in mediation. After mediation by the court, it was determined that Xiaowen’s Foster was his mother Tian, and Xu paid 10000 yuan annually. In view of Xu’s serious infringement of the rights and interests of the ward, it is not appropriate to continue to perform the duty of guardianship. On June 30, Juye County procuratorate supported Tian to sue and revoke Xu’s guardianship, which was supported by the court. Although the case of < / P > < p > has been settled, the procuratorial organ’s care for Xiaowen has not ended. “At present, we have helped Xiaowen apply for the national judicial assistance fund, applied for subsidies for poor students, and coordinated the school to reduce part of the tuition fees.” Said the prosecutor. < / P > < p > “this is a beneficial exploration for us to practice the principle of” most beneficial to minors “in handling cases Feng Li, director of the seventh procuratorial department of Heze City procuratorate, said that guardianship violations are not only “family affairs”, but also “state affairs”. As legal supervision organs, procuratorial organs have the responsibility and obligation to protect the healthy growth of minors. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE