Did you warm your uterus today? If you want to whiten your skin, give your uterus a bath

Introduction: Women’s most important place is the uterus, if the uterus is not clean, the face will be particularly ugly. If you want a white and transparent skin, you must have a good uterus. Zhang Shanshan is a very beautiful girl. There are many boys who like to chase her in school. However, Zhang Shanshan doesn’t like to go out recently. Only later did she find that she had acne on her face, which looked like a pockmarked face, so she didn’t like to go out. Later, her mother took her with her Went to the hospital for a check-up, the doctor told her that her usual work and rest habits are unstable, plus like to bathe in cold water, resulting in serious damage to the body.

the uterus is seriously damaged, and then the blood circulation will be significantly decreased. Deficiency of Qi and blood and endocrine disorders will lead to various diseases in the body. For example, acne is the most obvious symptom. If the toxin is not cleaned out for a long time, the face will become yellow and haggard.

everyone will get old, but aging also has a slow process. If the age has not arrived, the phenomenon of aging has already appeared, which is absolutely abnormal. The speed of female aging is linked with the uterus. If the uterus is not healthy, the body will be seriously aging.

if you don’t usually get acne, but you start to get acne on the day of the physiological period, it means that there is already cold and moisture in the body. If the uterus can’t excrete toxins well during the physiological period, it will be discharged through the skin, the most obvious is acne on the face.

if the uterus has become cold, don’t add frost to the snow. Pay attention to keep warm when you wear clothes. The ankle and navel should be better protected. Even if it’s a hot day, don’t eat cold food. Try to change cold water into hot water when doing housework.

deep sea fish contain rich vitamins, which can better protect the uterus. So when you are free, you can eat more tuna and saury. Such deep-sea fish can not only better maintain health, but also protect the uterus.

if you want to regulate your uterus, you are advised to drink more aunt tea in those days of your physiological period. Shennong recorded that putting jujube, longan and dried ginger together in water can effectively relieve physical health, maintain uterus and absorb nutrition. This is also a small food recipe often used by old Chinese medicine. The principle of medicine and food homology is as follows:

these ingredients can effectively relieve physical health, preserve uterus and absorb nutrition For women, it is beneficial and harmless. Women who want to become beautiful must eat more. We can choose the finished tea, so that you can say goodbye to the lack of Qi and blood.

conclusion: have you warmed your uterus today? If you want white and transparent skin, give the uterus a bath. I think a girl must be nice to herself when she comes to this world. She should pay more attention to the changes of her face and body. If she has enough Qi and blood, she will say goodbye to dysmenorrhea. 08/16/2020