Did Zhou Haimei eat preservatives? At the age of 54, she hugged a rabbit to restore Zhou Zhiruo. Her skin was tight like that of 27 years old

In Zhou Haimei’s performance, Zhou Zhiruo holds a little white rabbit, which left us a deep impression. Many fans left messages to Zhou Haimei, saying that she could not forget the picture of Zhou Zhiruo holding a rabbit. She immediately posted a group of photos of Zhou Zhiruo with the rabbit on the Internet, bringing full memories.

the picture shows Zhou Zhiruo holding a little rabbit in her arms. Her eyes are extremely gentle, which makes her gentle and pleasant. Zhou Haimei also likes small animals very much. She has three golden retrievers and one schnauzer, and often takes photos with her pets.

the latest group photo is that she takes her golden hair on a trip together. She is wearing a red flower dress with white background and a blue printed sun hat. Her skin looks very white with two braids. Her skin is still tight, and she can’t see aging at all. Her smile is as bright as the sun on that day.

in another group photo of playing with a dog, she is wearing a white T, wide leg jeans, white canvas shoes and a white T-shirt. She is simple and casual, but with her foreign style curly hair and round glasses, she looks fashionable and younger. What does it look like a 54 year old?

what’s more, at the 19-year fan meeting of Zhou Haimei, she put on her ancient costume again, and her sister Zhiruo has hardly changed. The old version was shot in 1993, and 26 years later, there is really no difference. Sister Haimei, did you eat preservative?

in addition to the ancient costume, Zhou Haimei took a guest role in Ye Mang’s TV series some time ago. Netizens commented on her casual dress, approachable and elegant dress.

Zhou Haimei does have such a temperament. Although she is gentle and elegant, she never dares to blaspheme with a look in her eyes. It’s no wonder that whether it’s the weak Zhou Zhiruo or the paranoid abbess extinction, she can be so wonderful.

apart from her superb acting skills, the president thinks that Zhou Haimei is the most charming person on weekdays. She likes to share the simple and beautiful things in her life. She also likes to eat ice cream. She can take a lovely self portrait. She will cook a good meal for herself and live a life like she likes with her heart.

sister Hai Mei’s street photos are also super beautiful. She is wearing black printed jumpsuits and white board shoes, and her hair is simply tied behind her head. There is a big woman’s atmosphere, but also a small woman’s gentleness.

some people say that when a woman reaches a certain age, she can’t wear too casual. But the 54 year old sister Hai Mei, wearing a casual and comfortable sweater and pants, can wear a little girl’s temperament. However, the printing on her clothes is exquisite, which shows her taste is good!

but the president still likes to see her wear warm color clothes. She sits in the sun in a yellow color matching dress, just like her name, beautiful and amorous.

in Zhou Haimei’s dynamic comments, many netizens think that as long as you see Zhou Haimei’s smile, you can cure your bad mood. After all, Xiang is born from the heart. When you see her, you can always feel the quiet time. Maybe the power of idols is like this. PARRENT&CHILDREN