Dili re PA Sheng Tu outflow, the original real she grew like this, and the imagination of the gap is too big

Girls who have always been very concerned about Deli Reba must know that in recent years, Dili Reba’s beauty has always been in the stage of “stability”. Sometimes it looks very beautiful, but sometimes it is faced with “rollover”. Such a state is really worrying. < / P > < p > No, when Deli Reba participated in an activity, most of the fans said after seeing it, the original real length of the hot bar was too far away from the imagination. Looking at the whole entertainment industry, Reba is not old, but from her face, we can see that she is tired and old-fashioned. It seems that the youth and vigor when the fire just started seems to have disappeared. However, mianmianmian thinks that without the beauty filter and the refined health map, the state of Reba has already surpassed many female stars in the circle. Her facial features are outstanding enough, and her temperament is not to be chosen. If you really want to say a shortcoming, it can only be said that the skin condition is not very good. < / P > < p > from the original picture, we can see that hot PA’s skin looks dry, and the face is not smooth. It has some “potholes” feeling. At the same time, the law lines are more obvious, so it looks a little older. < / P > < p > to solve skin problems, we need to know how skin problems arise. There is a saying in the beauty circle that most of the causes of skin problems can be attributed to one thing: water shortage. < / P > < p > once the skin moisture of the face is lost, all kinds of skin problems will follow, and “dirty things” will also take advantage of it, which will cause our skin to look very bad. < / P > < p > before moisturizing the skin, we should first clean the face thoroughly. Because once the cleaning is not in place, then we will of no avail to apply the amount of moisturizing products and mask. < / P > < p > only after the face is washed “clean”, can the skin care products we smear be better absorbed by the face, so as to achieve a truly effective moisturizing effect. When it comes to cleaning, many girls don’t know how to choose facial cleanser. Now there are so many kinds of facial cleansers on the market. Mianmianmian suggests that you choose a more versatile and universal “amino acid” facial cleanser. < / P > < p > this kind of facial cleanser is suitable for all skin types, with mild ingredients and no irritation, and the cleaning effect is very good. No matter how old you are, even pregnant women or children, it can be used with ease. < / P > < p > for example, this amino acid Cherry Blossom facial cleanser is mianmianmian, which should be strongly recommended to everyone. This facial cleanser has triple amino acids, which makes your face comfortable and refreshing. < / P > < p > in addition, it also contains 6 skin nourishing ingredients, which can help you to achieve effective skin care effect while cleaning your face. Still struggling to choose what kind of facial cleanser girls, you can try this “Fairy” facial cleanser, I believe it will make you feel surprised. I < / P > < p > maybe many girls don’t understand why we need to moisturize. In fact, moisturizing is to help our skin form a complete “sebum membrane”. You can understand it as a “shield” to protect the skin from external pollution. I < / P > < p > this “shield” can not only help us resist the pollution of the outside world, but also help us lock in the moisture inside the skin and prevent the skin from losing water. In this way, the bacteria can not enter, water can not go out of the state, the skin can be maintained in a long time in a moist state. Now the market is also very rich in moisturizing products, you can choose according to your skin type and actual needs. The picture of Dili re PA Sheng flows out, which is the real one. Many fans have said that there is a big gap between her and her own imagination after seeing her birth picture. < p > < p > but in fact, the hot bar is still the beautiful one with temperament. The only drawback is that the skin condition is not very good. I believe that after rest and adjustment, Reba will still appear in front of us. Let’s look forward to it! Focus