Director of Abalone with shark fin in a kindergarten recipe in Guangzhou

Steamed eggs with Ganoderma lucidum spore powder, chicken soup with chicken feet and shark’s fin, and abalone and scallop porridge, which usually only appear in high-end hotels, have recently appeared in the recipes of a kindergarten in Huadu District, Guangzhou. According to the parents of Jiahui kindergarten affiliated to Guangzhou Huadu vocational and technical school, on Friday, they received the teacher’s notice on the recipe for November, which included steamed chicken with Ganoderma spore powder, chicken soup with chicken feet and shark’s fin, abalone and scallop porridge. At the same time, the children’s food allowance increased from 25 yuan a day to 40 yuan a day. < p > < p > at noon on November 6, the reporter came to the kindergarten concerned. The head of the kindergarten Zeng explained that some parents had reported their children’s picky food in succession last month, so they added some protein rich foods to the diet. But after receiving complaints from parents, expensive foods like seafood, abalone and shark fin have been cancelled. Kindergarten officials said that adding abalone, shark fin and other dishes to the menu is only one of their ideas. However, due to the opposition of many parents, this idea has not been implemented. However, since this month, the children’s food cost has increased by 15 yuan per person per day. Zeng, head of the kindergarten, said that the kindergarten has called a meeting of the family Committee on the adjustment of food expenses, and more than half of the members of the family Committee have agreed to the price adjustment. CUISINE&HEALTH