Disharmony between the spleen and stomach is the cause of all kinds of diseases! Want to have a good body, this set of Yoga sequence can not be less conditioning spleen and stomach!

The functions of the spleen and stomach are as follows: the stomach is responsible for receiving food, and the food people eat is initially digested by the stomach. The spleen is the main body of transportation, the food is processed, and the nutrients absorbed by the stomach are further absorbed and transformed, and the essence of food is transported to the viscera of the other organs. < / P > < p > exit from the simple sitting, enter the half butterfly style, bend the left leg, keep the heel close to the perineum as far as possible, put the Yoga pillow on the inner side of the right leg, inhale and extend the spine, exhale, bend forward, support the upper body, stay on the Yoga pillow for 2-3 minutes, change the other side < / P > < p > exit from the half butterfly style, enter the dragonfly style, open the legs horizontally, with the sitting bone down, and put the Yoga pillow in the middle of the body Stretch the spine with breath, bend forward with exhalation, stay on the pillow for 2-3 minutes with good flexibility < / P > < p > exit from Dragonfly style, enter bull style, bend the knee with right leg, keep the heel close to perineum, rotate the left leg inward, inhale backward with heel, stretch the spine with exhalation, bend forward with yoga pillow under the body, stay for 3 minutes, change the other side < / P > < p > exit from bull style, enter lying position In heroic style, put Yoga pillow under the back to cooperate with breathing, slowly spread your hands backward, stay for 3 minutes < / P > < p > exit from Vajra sitting, lie prone on the mat, support your elbows, inhale, stretch your spine, exhale, tighten your core, stay on the floor for 2 minutes, bend your right leg forward into half breaststroke, stay for 2 minutes, then change sides < / P > < p > exit from breaststroke and lie prone Place your right hand flat on the floor, bend your left leg and support the ground with your sole. After staying on the left side for 2 minutes, place your right hand flat on your chest and your left hand straight forward. Stay on the opposite side for 2 minutes= target=_ blank>Home