Do housework after pregnancy, keep in mind the four principles, only good for the health of the baby, do more have an impact on baby development

It is said that “pregnancy is the standard to test a man’s sincerity”. Some expectant mothers become family treasures after pregnancy, while others have to shoulder the heavy burden of housework and are even more tired than before pregnancy. < p > < p > no matter how heavy the housework is, no matter how heavy the burden is, for the sake of the baby’s health, the expectant mother should pay attention to four principles when doing housework. < / P > < p > especially after entering the third trimester of pregnancy, if the exercise intensity is too high or there is a small accident, it may stimulate uterine contraction, so mothers to be should be careful. < p > < p > Xiaoli has been pregnant for more than seven months, and seeing her abdominal circumference increase with each passing day, Xiaoli has a sense of accomplishment in playing nurturance games. She often looks at her belly and is dazzled. Since her pregnancy, Xiaoli has become the apple of her husband’s eye. Since then, her husband has been responsible for all the family’s affairs. Xiaoli is responsible for eating, drinking and keeping fit. However, Xiaoli is a lively and active pregnant mother. If she wants to sit down for a while, it is even more difficult than going to heaven. Sometimes when Xiaoli sees that the ground is dirty, she can’t help but wipe it. When she sees more clothes in the washing machine, she can’t help pressing the button. < / P > < p > although Xiaoli always resents her husband when she does housework, she always enjoys it. In the face of her husband’s query, Xiaoli was full of confidence: “don’t worry. I have a spectrum in my heart. I move very slowly to ensure safety.” It is not impossible to do housework during pregnancy, but how to do it, mothers to be should remember four principles. On the premise of ensuring safety, proper housework can also achieve the effect of exercise, which is beneficial to baby’s health. < / P > < p > in the early pregnancy, although the mother to be has not yet become pregnant, hCG, progesterone and other hormones have begun to play a role from the inside, which often makes the expectant mother feel tired and sleepy, and can’t use her strength all over her body. < p > < p > after entering the second and third trimester of pregnancy, Baoma’s stomach gradually grew up, the weight of the uterus increased nearly 50 times, and the volume also expanded rapidly, oppressing the surrounding body organs up and down, making the expectant mother feel uncomfortable. < / P > < p > the external changes of a pregnant mother’s body generally begin to appear from about 4 to 5 months of pregnancy. After 7 months of pregnancy, the expectant mother’s stomach is already very large, and it is difficult to control the balance. Therefore, we should be careful. < / P > < p > so what should be paid attention to when doing housework during pregnancy to ensure the health of pregnant mother and the safety of baby? Mothers to be keep in mind the four principles of housework during pregnancy to protect their baby’s health and exercise. < / P > < p > during pregnancy, the body is relatively heavy, so the expectant mother should try to avoid high-intensity exercise, such as washing vegetables and cooking, and try to use less force to avoid overwork and panting. < / P > < p > many Baoma always keep their house clean even if they don’t see any dust. Although this habit is good, it’s easy to get tired of themselves. Baoma should pay attention to rest and avoid doing high-intensity housework. < p > < p > when she does housework with a big belly, Baoma already belongs to “carrying a heavy load”. Only by doing it slowly can we ensure safety and labor saving. < p > < p > especially in the face of sweeping and mopping the floor and other sports, Baoma women also have to learn to “be lazy”, slow down the speed of action, reduce the intensity of cleaning, and avoid making themselves too tired, not only to save physical strength, but also to ensure safety and avoid falling down. < / P > < p > standing for a long time during pregnancy, the big stomach of the expectant mother will exert great pressure on her legs, which can easily lead to varicose veins. Mothers to be can prepare a chair and sit down properly while cooking and washing dishes. < / P > < p > during pregnancy, no matter how brave they are, they should also ensure the personal safety of themselves and their babies. After all, safety is the first priority. Household chores such as cleaning windows and climbing high to take things are very dangerous for pregnant mothers and must be avoided during pregnancy. < / P > < p > pregnant mothers with big tummy and unstable gravity center often tremble when walking on the flat ground, so don’t risk climbing. What’s important in a high cabinet? If there is one, I’ll wait for my father to come back and get it. < p > < p > pregnancy is a long battle. The task of Baoma is to protect herself and the baby. Other things can be done according to one’s ability. Don’t try to be conceited. Focus