Do middle school students have to read “famous works”?

The 20th Jiangsu senior high school students’ reading and writing composition competition has two questions, the author has done the instruction. Among them, to the guidance stressed: “the books here should be literary classics or theoretical classics.” Originally, in my opinion, middle school students should read famous works, which is also the consensus of middle school Chinese teachers. However, the author was surprised by one of the essays, which he liked and reflected on. This article describes my reading experience. From primary school to senior high school, there are dozens or even hundreds of books, but none of them is a masterpiece in the eyes of Chinese teachers. Such as, are like my general “serious” Chinese teachers have not read, or even heard of, or scorn sniff! From the lines, we can see that he read these works with great interest, and their influence on him is wonderful, unique and positive. This article has attracted me. Not only because of his fluent writing style, the expression of God, the real call, but also the real revelation of the author’s inner world. At the same time, it also caused me to ponder. From the inside to the outside of the book, the author walks in cold eyes and scorn. In the eyes of teachers and parents, it is the author’s interest, and it really promotes the growth of the author! Does it have to be classics to promote people’s growth? < / P > < p > further thinking, do middle school students have to read “famous works”? My answer is, not necessarily! What we should do is to follow their interests, actively guide and point to depth. It is undeniable that masterpieces are models in reflecting the depth of social life, the uniqueness of artistic construction, and the refinement and brilliance of language use. However, we should also see that it is all these things, for the middle school students who are still lack of literary literacy, they are tall and tall, and their ability to accept and judge can not reach such a height. Facing the famous works of Ganoderma lucidum on the mountain, they can’t see or reach it! Therefore, they can only retreat and ask for the second place – not for seeking, but just within reach. The works of xialiba people with novel plots, vivid characters and shallow language can attract them all at once. Moreover, they read these works because of their love and interest. They have no utilitarian purpose, do not need to take exams, do not need to read for scores, and there is nothing Therefore, this kind of reading is free and can be read freely and vividly! It is said that interest is the best teacher. How many teachers and parents do we have to understand and pay attention to students’ interest? We let students read, the ultimate goal is not all for the exam? In fact, if there is no examination requirement, will we let students read classics? In addition, most of the time, we impose our own preferences on students and never ask them what they like. Once, there are recommended reading, we think carefully, this book is suitable for middle school students to read? It is the place where the author is tired of noisy and helpless, but can not stand on the world. The so-called tranquility is just a kind of self salvation and self comfort of helplessness, inaction and helplessness. As far as the life experience of middle school students is concerned, it is not easy to understand. Even after reading it, it is difficult to understand the alternative insight into life, let alone the negative attitude! Don’t do to others what you don’t want. Can you do what you want? It can’t be! However, we are such wishful thinking. Have you ever thought that if you graduated from the Chinese department and have been created through systematic theory and practice, of course, you will like and admire classic works from your heart. However, middle school students have not undergone systematic tempering, nor can they have systematic literary theory learning and appreciation practice. After all, basic education is not professional education. When we want to force our own preferences and admiration to them Do we need to consider the inner feelings and acceptance ability of middle school students? What’s more, the times are constantly changing, and the network vision is so broad, but our vision is only focused on the famous works, not willing to open our eyes. Although it is classic, is it narrow? Students have been in the open realm of swimming, but we have not been able to swim, or simply do not want to follow the students’ eyes looking far, we are not out of date? The times are changing, so should our ideas! It may be said that masterpieces reflect social life, promote positive energy and promote the practice of mainstream social values. Of course, but many non famous works also have these characteristics. As long as the works approved by the cultural authorities will not deviate from the core values; as long as the supervision of network works is strengthened, the works harmful to the growth of young people will not be popular in the world. This is the premise that ordinary works are popular in the world. There is no need to repeat. In any case, we can no longer regard non famous works as “great scourges”, let alone ban middle school students, or prohibit reading in the name of wasting time. Today, various media bring people a vast variety of works, and new works are produced every day. It is obviously inappropriate to stick to the traditional reading circle and push forward one’s own preferences. If you stay out of the times, you will be eliminated by the times. As a teacher, we should start from changing our concept of reading teaching, change our reading teaching behavior, and constantly explore new reading teaching strategies in practice. < / P > < p > first of all, we should do a good job in the combination of investigation and research, questionnaire survey, interview survey and writing survey to understand students’ reading tendency, grasp the level of students’ reading aesthetic ability, and pave the way for reading guidance. Secondly, expand your reading range. In the past, it was the teacher who opened the bibliography for the students. Now, let the students open the bibliography for me. When teachers read the books that students read, they will find a different world. Maybe a lot of places are just extensive reading and skipping, but there must be many chapters that are attracted and intensive read. In this way, our guidelines will be targeted. Therefore, teachers need to pay more. < p > < p > Third, carry out rich reading activities. The purpose is to activate students’ thinking and lead to the deep development of aesthetic appreciation and aesthetic evaluation. The author has designed a series of reading activities, so that everyone can participate in the reading activities. The general name is “let the reading ability exhibition extend orderly”, including reading and annotating, writing short comments, rewriting scripts, short play performances, speech contests, and so on. Each activity will be awarded prizes, judged by student judges, and awarded with certificates. It can effectively stimulate students’ interest in reading. Finally, as a teacher, I would like to appeal once again that we should abandon all teaching behaviors of reading for examination! Reading for the sake of examination deviates from the fundamental purpose of reading for the growth of life and purification of human nature. It makes readers lose their interest in reading due to utilitarianism, and also goes against the ultimate goal of creation! Focus