Do not dig navel to do an operation, can be rejected by the doctor?

Many people are curious about some parts of their bodies, and the navel makes many people confused. Therefore, from the beginning of size, adults have told us not to dig. There are even rumors that cutting the navel will pull out the intestines. Therefore, 99.99% of the people really dare not dig. What should we do in case of omission? < / P > < p > however, if you don’t pay attention, sometimes it will be very embarrassing. For example, the operation is about to be carried out. If the doctor wants to operate next to the navel, he will not go to the operating table with his navel black eyes? < p > < p > from a medical point of view, the umbilical cord is the connecting structure between the fetus and the placenta. It is shaped like a rope, smooth and transparent, containing connective tissue, an umbilical vein and a pair of umbilical arteries. The umbilical vein is connected with the fetal aorta through the blood sinus and umbilical artery of the liver along the inner surface of the fetal abdominal wall. At the other end of the two blood vessels, many interconnected capillary networks are formed and distributed in the placental villi. Through the infiltration of placental villous epithelium, the material exchange between fetal disc fluid and maternal blood in chorionic space is carried out. < p > < p > therefore, the navel is only the degenerated root of umbilical cord after cutting the umbilical cord. In viviparous animals, there is no exception to have this transport nutrition life channel. In the process of life formation and development, the mother connects with the fetus in the abdomen through this umbilical cord, and transports nutrition and wastes for the fetus through the umbilical cord. When the fetus in the abdomen is fully mature, once it leaves the mother, it is no longer necessary for the mother to transport nutrition through the umbilical cord. And this umbilical cord will naturally retire, leaving only the mark of navel. The shape of the navel has little to do with the ligation of the umbilical cord. No matter what way of ligation, the stump of the umbilical cord will fall off, necrosis and depression, and the shape of the navel will be formed. Moreover, when the umbilical cord is ligated, it is not completely close to the belly, but there is still a certain distance left. < / P > < p > some people sometimes pick out smelly things in their navel eyes, so they mistake them for feces. Naturally, they wonder if it’s a gut leak? In fact, when the fetus is separated from the mother after birth, the umbilical cord is ligated and cut. The umbilical cord with blood flow will degenerate into a round ligament, and the arteries and veins in it will be blocked and hidden in the abdominal cavity. As the remains of the umbilical cord, the navel has no special physiological function after birth. It is the weak area on the midline of abdomen. Only in the process of some diseases can the navel change. For example, the umbilical vein will reopen in the case of cirrhosis and venous hypertension. < / P > < p > in fact, these dirt are the mixture formed by skin exfoliated cells and impurities such as sweat and dust. They are no different from the mud that is rubbed out from other parts of the body. Just wash them away. < / P > < p > generally, these dirt will not be harmful to health, and there is no peculiar smell. If there is smell and redness, it is likely that umbilical infection has occurred omphalitis. Omphalitis is common in newborns with improper navel care, adults occasionally because of local skin tears and secondary infection, mostly with local hot and humid, gouge skin, improper cleaning. < / P > < p > it needs to be specially reminded that although the function of umbilical cord has been degraded, the visceral nerve reflex still exists. If the navel is pulled hard, it will cause irritation and cause discomfort to the digestive system. If you dig too much and break the skin, you must pay attention to disinfection and cleaning care, with a cotton swab dipped in water gently wipe clean, to prevent skin infection and lead to omphalitis. After all, most people don’t know much about navel. Forward to share, help friends around sweep this knowledge blind area! HEALTHY LIFE