Do not do these two things when menstruation is just gone. Drink more water at ordinary times to remove toxin, nourish the face and replenish qi and blood

Introduction: after the beginning of autumn, the weather is still very hot, at this time we are not welcome the arrival of aunt, but we can not control it. When the big aunt comes, she will not only feel sticky on her body, but also restrict her eating. If she eats something cold or spicy, it will lead to irregular menstruation or less menstruation. Although Xiao Wang also controlled his diet during the period of menstruation, he actually chose to have his teeth extracted after his menstruation. Later, my colleagues found out that Xiao Wang was dying. So why? < / P > < p > as Xiao Wang said, tooth extraction is a very normal thing, but why can’t we extract teeth after the end of menstruation, because we will have gingival bleeding when we extract teeth. We all know that we can’t extract teeth during menstruation, because it will cause infection, but after the end of the month, our coagulation function is very weak, if it appears big during tooth extraction Bleeding, if you can’t stop the blood, may also cause harm to life. < / P > < p > we shed a lot of blood during menstruation, so many people are eager to replenish their blood, so they will drink some tonic soup after menstruation. But in the end of menstruation within two days is not suitable to eat food. Because in the two days after the end of menstruation, our body has not recovered, or in a weak state, then you have seen who in the weak state eat big fish and meat? Can only eat some light millet porridge food, if you still insist on eating these tonic things, then these things can not be absorbed, may cause damage to the stomach and intestines. < / P > < p > whether it is during menstruation or in daily life, we need to pay attention to cleaning. During menstruation, we need to avoid bathing, but also do not wash. And often change the underwear for cleaning, and then put it in the sun, do not hang in a cool and humid place, because it is easy to grow bacteria. During menstruation, we should pay special attention to keeping warm. For example, in summer, the weather is very hot, so we will turn on the air conditioner, and many people often forget to cover the quilt when they turn on the air conditioner, so they may have a cold in the morning. In fact, it is also related to our low immunity. In short, we still need to pay attention to keep warm during menstruation. < / P > < p > in order to have normal menstruation, we must first make the uterus healthy. At this time, aunt tea comes in handy. According to Zhang Zhongjing’s records, Lycium barbarum, ginger, red dates, chrysanthemum, double rose and other ingredients have the effect of Nourishing Yin, nourishing qi, expelling toxin and nourishing the face. This is a commonly used small recipe of traditional Chinese medicine. The principle of medicine and food homology is as follows: < / P > < p > Lycium: Lycium barbarum has the functions of nourishing liver, nourishing kidney, moistening lung and relieving cough, antioxidation, preventing melanin precipitation, lowering blood pressure, improving sleep quality and enriching blood 。 < / P > < p > double Rose: the nutritional components of double rose are very high, with the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, helping digestion, improving swelling and pain, enhancing immunity and antiviral effect. < / P > < p > the engineering amount of these food materials from collection to production is very large, so you’d better choose the finished tea bag. I went through the tedious procedures, and when I want to drink, just take out a bag and flush it. It’s very convenient. Conclusion: do not do these two things when menstruation is just gone. Drink more water at ordinary times to expel toxin, nourish skin and replenish qi and blood. Do not think that after the end of menstruation, there is no need to limit some food. In two days after the end of menstruation, the body has not recovered completely, so we still need to pay attention to some. If there is irregular menstruation, then we can drink more aunt tea, pay more attention to cleaning, and then pay attention to keep warm, which can not only warm the palace, but also improve irregular menstruation. Privacy Policy