Do not eat these five kinds of fruits. If you eat too much moisture, the more you eat, the weaker you will be. You will be blacklisted early

Introduction: many people in today’s more or less with a little moisture, but we have to know that once the body’s moisture is too heavy, it will make our normal life seriously affected. In our daily life, we should remember that not all fruits can be eaten more, some fruits will aggravate the moisture in the body.

mango mango is of high nutritional value and unique taste. But like jackfruit, it eats too much hot and humid fruit, not only causes allergic symptoms, but also increases the humidity in the body, reduces the function of the spleen and stomach, and seriously affects human health. Therefore, people with heavy moisture should eat less mango.

watermelon in hot summer, plump and juicy watermelon is the best fruit for relieving summer heat. Especially for frozen watermelon, eating it with a spoon has a good effect on relieving heat. However, eating too much watermelon will lead to a large amount of moisture accumulated in the body and cannot be discharged. Because watermelon is a typical cold food, eating too much will lead to abnormal spleen and stomach transport, resulting in moisture retention in the body. Therefore, if you want to have a healthy spleen and stomach, you should eat less watermelon, especially iced watermelon, to prevent moisture staying in the body, leading to excessive moisture.

as we all know, pitaya is a cool fruit. If people with heavy humidity eat too much, it will increase the pressure on the spleen and stomach, leading to moisture retention in the body. Especially if female friends eat too much pitaya, it will not only aggravate the moisture in the body, but also affect menstruation.

bananas many people should know that bananas can relieve constipation and help to lose weight. However, too much banana will make the body moisture is too heavy, spleen deficiency and moisture heavy people must pay attention to good, not to eat more bananas.

sticking to an optimistic attitude and heavy moisture will have a great impact on people’s mood. If you find that you have a big temper recently and are easily angry, you should pay more attention to whether the moisture in your body is too heavy. And if you want to make the body’s moisture in time out of the body, you must keep a comfortable mood, reduce the mood fluctuations, and avoid damage to the spleen and stomach due to liver Qi obstruction. And then improve the function of the spleen and stomach to transport water and moisture, so that the body’s moisture can be discharged in time.

adhere to aerobic exercise, adhere to the rules and regulations, and effective aerobic exercise can not only speed up the speed of metabolism in the body, make the body’s toxins and moisture discharged to the body in time, but also improve the body’s resistance. Simple aerobic exercises such as jogging, Taiji, cycling and so on are easier to stick to. Exercise at least four times a week to make you sweat every day.

3. Stick to beating the spleen Scripture. As mentioned above, the main function of the spleen is to transport water and dampness. If the spleen is weak, the dampness will be aggravated. Therefore, to maintain the normal function of the spleen, the body can metabolize water normally, and then the moisture can be discharged from the body in time. The spleen meridian is located on the inner side of the lower leg. Before going to bed every day, it is mainly along the Three Acupoints of Sanyinjiao, yinlingquan and Diji, which are repeatedly knocked from top to bottom for more than ten times. Adhere to it, can accelerate the speed of spleen circulation, join the flow of blood, so that the body’s toxins, excess water, moisture timely discharge to the body.

4. Strengthening spleen and eliminating dampness should be done as soon as possible? This ancient prescription is worth trying. We have already introduced the influence of spleen deficiency and dampness on different aspects and degrees for men, women, old and young. For a long time, heavy dampness will cause diseases such as obesity, hypertension, hyperuricemia and cancer. Therefore, invigorating the spleen and removing dampness should be done as soon as possible! In order to strengthen the spleen and remove dampness, we can not only do these three things, but also use the snacks recommended by traditional Chinese medicine, including Poria cocos, fried white lentils, Fu fried Huai yam, fried coix seed, fried adzuki bean, lotus leaf, wax gourd peel, tangerine peel, Amomum villosum, Raphani seed, cinnamon, corn silk

1. First of all, the main function of the spleen is to transport water and moisture, and the weak spleen will produce moisture, so it can remove dampness The fundamental solution is to strengthen the spleen, improve the function of the spleen and stomach, and moisture will no longer disturb us. Poria cocos, fried coix seed, fried lentils, yam are conducive to strengthening spleen.

2. Dampness is the most effective and direct way to eliminate dampness, which is to let the moisture along with urine from the body. Fried coix seed, lotus leaf and adzuki bean can make the moisture discharged from the urine, which is simple and comfortable.

3. Because both Amomum villosum and Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae have special fragrance and the spleen likes fragrance, so they can make the spleen and stomach energetic. If the spleen and stomach function is strengthened, the moisture can be discharged from the body in time and smoothly.

5. Cinnamon has the effect of Warming Yang and warming the spleen. It can increase the Yang Qi of the spleen and stomach. Cinnamon can also dredge the pores and make the moisture discharged from the body timely through the skin.

we collect the above ingredients and match them according to scientific methods. Drinking daily can not only relieve pain, but also restore our health. If you find it troublesome to collect the matching, you can click the following link to buy the same tea bag we prepared

summary: Fu Shi tea can replenish energy and discharge, and has the effect of Warming Yang and promoting qi. It can not only let the moisture be discharged from the body by sweating and urinating, but also can exercise the spleen and stomach, fundamentally solve the problem of temper. It has a good effect by taking multiple measures and insisting on drinking , you’ll get a surprise=“ ” target=”_ blank” rel=”noopener”>Focus