Do not smoke, do not drink, still have advanced cancer, 45 years old, please adhere to two more two less

After a gastroscopy examination, Mr. Lu, 55, was diagnosed with advanced gastric cancer. Now, he has received surgery and postoperative systemic chemotherapy. Mr. Lu said that he has never been able to accept the reality because he never smokes or drinks. However, he has many friends who smoke and drink. Why does anyone else not have cancer? The only one who suffers from cancer is himself.

as oncologists, we often ask cancer patients whether they have a history of smoking and drinking. The reason why we ask this question is that both cigarettes and alcohol are a class of carcinogens recognized by the World Health Organization. Long term smoking and drinking will indeed increase the incidence of cancer.

but not all cancers must be caused by smoking and drinking? Of course not. In our work, some cancer patients we come into contact with do not have a long-term history of smoking and drinking, but still have advanced stage, or even advanced cancer. Why?
in fact, there are two factors leading to cancer outbreak after 888 years old, which are more than 45 years old. In fact, there are two factors that lead to cancer outbreak, i.e. more than 45 years old, and I think it’s better to stay away from cancer after I’m 45 years old.

first, since the age of 45, people who exercise more at night have stronger immunity and lower risk of cancer than those who don’t.

second, since the age of 45, we insist on more light diet at night. Light diet not only reduces the burden on the stomach and intestines, but also improves the necessary vitamins and cellulose for the body. These nutrients are helpful for the prevention of malignant tumor.

third, since the age of 45, we insist on eating less supper at night. If you like to eat supper in addition to three meals a day, people who especially like to eat barbecue, fried and spicy food have a higher risk of cancer.

fourth, since the age of 45, people who insist on staying up late less at night and staying up late for a long time have lower immunity and higher risk of cancer. Therefore, we should pay attention to those who don’t sleep on time and always like to stay up late. Don’t want to get pimples again? “Acne” you should do this