Do not want to let the disease find their own, learn to control emotions, do these three points, it is necessary

  。 People who are affected by emotions, life and work are often troubled, even a good hand card is played in a poor way. Moreover, there have been studies in recent years that have shown that emotions are closely related to disease. Poor emotions can induce many diseases, including common hypertension and diabetes. According to the relevant research, when a person is in a state of irritability for a long time, it will cause more adrenaline in the body, which leads to vasospasm and contraction. Over time, hypertension will find itself; [/p > < p > at the same time, abnormal secretion of adrenalin will indirectly affect the function of the islet, leading to insulin production and release Exception. And the people with unstable mood are prone to many problems such as overeating and irregular diet, which increases the risk of diabetes. It is found that diabetes mellitus and hypertension can cause continuous damage to blood vessels. Over time, atherosclerosis, plaque and other problems can be induced. In a certain period of emotional fluctuation, it will even cause acute cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease attack! It is not the worst place for bad emotions. In recent years, there are still studies that have found that there is a relationship between emotion and cancer. The risk of cancer will also increase for those who are depressed and anxious for a long time. This is mainly because bad mood can cause endocrine disorders and immune system decline. After the immune system function is weakened, it is impossible to screen out the hidden cancer cells in the body, thus increasing the risk of cancer. Smile at mirror: smile, it’s no big deal! When you feel down, you might as well smile in the mirror every day. There are scientific studies that frequent laughter can relieve anxiety and depression. At the same time, during the process of laughing, more oxygen can be inhaled, which can improve the vital capacity and enhance the oxygen carrying capacity of blood. Moreover, smile on mirror seems to be a small action, but it can help you to calm your mood and restore combat effectiveness! It is the key to maintain good mood for human body to have enough sleep. If there are problems such as staying up late and sleeping insufficient for a long time, not only will the mood become anxious, but also increase the possibility of depression. When depressed, it will aggravate insomnia symptoms, and over time can form a vicious circle. Therefore, we should keep regular and sufficient sleep every day, that is, about 6-8 hours, and we should rest reasonably according to the biological clock, sleep before 11:00 in the evening, and get up at 5-6 in the morning; 3. Learn to communicate: growing up means learning to be lonely, and it is no mistake to be alone, but human beings are social animals. If they are lonely and lonely for a long time, they should be able to sleep in a lonely and lonely state, On the contrary, it will have a bad effect on mental health. Good mood can make you healthier and healthier. Even people who have been plagued by chronic diseases, maintaining optimistic and positive attitude will also benefit the recovery of the disease. At the end of the day, we should remind you that success will become very difficult for a person affected by emotion. Therefore, it is the right way to get rid of the emotional control as soon as possible and be the leader of their emotions. Focus