Do push ups every day, 5 kinds of wonderful things come uninvited, but some people can’t hold on

Nowadays, many men pay great attention to their appearance and health. Especially when they enter the gym, most of them are men running or doing sports equipment. Many people’s goal is to turn themselves into a type man, to achieve the purpose of strengthening body and eight abdominal muscles. < / P > < p > in addition to the exercises in these gyms, there is another way to achieve these goals, that is, push ups, unlike other sports, need to prepare equipment and select venues. Push ups are easy to learn and can be used anywhere. Push up can train the muscles of upper limbs, waist and abdomen, especially for chest muscles. It is the simplest but most effective strength training. When doing push ups, both hands should support the body, the arms should be vertical to the ground, and the legs should be extended backward as far as possible. If the posture of push ups is not standard, the effect of training can not be achieved. The number of push ups in the training process can increase with the amount of training every day. < / P > < p > most people do push ups to exercise their muscles. When doing push ups, the muscles on the body can be exercised. As long as you can persist in doing push ups every day, you can exercise your body and improve your immunity. < / P > < p > men must adjust their breathing when doing push ups. If they can’t adjust their work, rest and rhythm, they will only be more tired. Having a good rhythm can indirectly stimulate the blood circulation of the heart and lungs, and can improve the vital capacity of one’s own while enhancing the heart function. < / P > < p > many men are puffy. What is puffiness? Puffiness is that the surface looks very strong, very strong, in fact, there is no strength in the limbs, even lifting heavy objects are very hard, which is called puffiness. Therefore, in order to prevent muscle function degradation and premature aging, it is better to do several groups of push ups every day to improve muscle capacity and prevent body aging. Push ups can be done anytime and anywhere. After getting up in the morning, doing push ups can quickly mobilize the body’s functions, and energy will become more abundant, which can be well put into work and study life. The morning push ups open the sensory stimulation and make the spirit more full. < / P > < p > nowadays, many men have great work pressure, but they have no way to vent their emotions, and they have no objects to talk to. They can relieve their depression by doing push ups. After finishing, their bodies will become more relaxed, their mood will become better, and they can also exercise their willpower. The patients with basic diseases can not carry out push-up exercise. If they want to do push-up blindly, it may cause myocardial ischemia, angina pectoris and other adverse diseases. Push ups in the process of doing blood pressure will rise, hypertension patients can not do push ups. < / P > < p > for people who don’t exercise for a long time or use joints for a long time, it’s better not to do too much at one time for those who don’t exercise for a long time, which may cause muscle soreness, and it’s better to move the joint before doing it. People who often use joints should do as little as possible. Doing more will increase the burden of joints and make the strain of joints more serious. 15 entry-level basic skin care rules, skin care Xiaobai quickly take to collect!