Do you believe she’s 52? Japan’s first rebellious girl Masako mizuhiko, 9 daily maintenance habits

Born in 1968 and hailed by Japanese netizens as the “immortal wife” and “the first rebellious girl”, Yasuko Mizutani is a Japanese fashion talent and an ordinary housewife. She has a 27 year old daughter and a 25-year-old son.

in 2011, a Japanese magazine held a thousand people audition for “national beauty witch selection”. She was 43 years old and looked as young as a 20-year-old girl. With her beautiful appearance, she stood out and won the championship and became popular. After that, he often shared tips on beauty, skin care and healthy diet on the Internet, becoming a famous “opinion leader” in Japanese beauty industry.

no matter how busy and tired, it will apply the mask, and will put a mask on the mask plus a ear gel silicone mask, so that you can comfortably do household chores or what other things apply to the mask, and wear it after 10 minutes.

the skin of the head and the face are connected together, so the scalp care work is also particularly important: stretch the ten fingers into the hair, massage the scalp with a comfortable force, which can be done several times more. In addition to relaxing the head, it can also help the scalp to loosen the dust and dirt stuck by the oil, which is more convenient for the subsequent cleaning of the hair.

10 minutes before going to bed, do two stretching movements: the first is to lie flat on the bed or the ground, stretch your feet together, and slowly lift up 45 degrees, and then slowly put it down; the second action is to turn the shoulder, move the shoulder from front to back, relax the body, which helps to fall asleep quickly and improve the quality of sleep.

in addition to these maintenance habits, Miyako Mizo also believes that mentality is the key to everything – if you want to look younger, you will naturally urge yourself to take good care of yourself. Even after 50, you can still pursue fashion.