Do you have all the four necessary equipment for running in autumn and winter?

With the gradual decline of temperature, there are more and more tests for runners, especially after a period of severe winter. However, as a real runner, whether it is dog days or thirty-nine days, will choose to run without hesitation. < / P > < p > running in winter is very helpful to improve endurance and willpower. However, if you want to run more comfortable in winter, you must prepare some warm equipment. < / P > < p > Paste deep layer quick drying and perspiration: the innermost clothes must be quick drying and have good air permeability. Never wear pure cotton clothes. It’s hard to avoid sweating when running. Pure cotton clothes have strong water absorption capacity. It’s easy to catch a cold when the cold wind blows after running. Therefore, it is best to wear fast dry, breathable, to keep the skin dry and fresh. < / P > < p > windproof and rainproof layer: the clothes in this layer can be either assault suits or jackets, and its main function is to prevent wind and rain and play an isolation role. But when you run, you can take off this layer of clothing and put it on when you warm up or stretch. < / P > < p > when running in winter, try to avoid bare skin as much as possible, so the clothes and pants should be long. Sports tights are breathable, fast drying and slim; tights can tightly wrap leg muscles, provide support for leg muscles, protect energy consumption and make sports more lasting. < / P > < p > if you’re in the south, it’s good to wear a pair of running socks that you usually wear when you run. If it’s cold in the north, if a pair of socks is not warm enough, you can wear two pairs of socks. If you think it’s not warm enough, you can wear a pair of running socks first, and then a pair of cotton socks outside. < / P > < p > hats are also a must for running in winter, especially in the north. It’s easy to get a headache from the cold wind when running without a warm hat in winter. So, when running, wear a fleece cap, not easy to lose temperature, but also let you run more comfortable. < / P > < p > only by taking good measures to keep warm, can we avoid catching cold and getting hurt when we go out for running. Of course, if you want to run safely and comfortably without injury, it’s not enough to keep warm. You have to do these four things well. < / P > < p > it is necessary to warm up before running, especially in winter. Because in winter, the elasticity of our muscles and ligaments decreases, and it’s easy to strain when we run directly. Therefore, before running, we must do a good warm-up, improve the elasticity of muscles and ligaments, and reduce the risk of injury. < / P > < p > in winter, the air is cold and dry. If the intensity of running is too high, the breathing will become very short. The cold air will stimulate our respiratory system. If the bronchi are weak, it is easy to cause asthma. In addition, if you run too fast, you will easily cough after running. < / P > < p > after running, the body often perspires, when the cold wind blows, it is easy to cause a cold. So, after running, you should put on your coat as soon as possible and go home to change into dry clothes. In addition, you can have a hot drink after running to keep your temperature. < / P > < p > no matter when you run, stretching is an essential step. Full stretch can make muscle from tension and contraction state, faster transition to relaxation and relaxation state, avoid the occurrence of injury. Of course, if it’s too cold outside, you can wait until you get home to stretch. HEALTHY LIFE