Do you know the best sleeping position during pregnancy? Not lying on your back, not on your side, but doing so

When Lao Zhang was cooking at home, he found that his wife was very unhappy. Lao Zhang was very confused. His child was clearly healthy in his mother’s stomach. What else was his wife dissatisfied with? It turns out that during the prenatal examination, the doctor must adopt the correct pregnant woman’s sleeping posture when the wife is sleeping, otherwise the fetus is easy to have an accident in the wife’s stomach and can’t breathe. < / P > < p > my wife listened to the doctor’s words this time. When she went to bed at night, her sleeping posture was deliberate and careful. Lao Zhang also thought it was funny, so he took it out and shared it with netizens. I didn’t expect that netizens not only didn’t feel humorous, but also warned Lao Zhang one after another that he must watch his wife’s sleeping posture and not affect the fetus’s breathing. < / P > < p > Lao Zhang was also alerted by netizens, so he realized the importance of pregnant women’s sleeping posture. How do pregnant women sleep? Why is the lying position of pregnant women like Lao Zhang’s wife taught by doctors? What does fetal inability to breathe have to do with? < / P > < p > the shape of the pregnant woman’s uterus and the posture of the pregnant woman’s sleep have an impact on the fetal breathing. If the shape of the pregnant woman’s uterus is strange, and the pregnant woman’s sleep oppresses the narrow side of the uterine orifice, then the fetus can’t breathe. < / P > < p > for example, the shape of a pregnant woman’s uterus is rotating to the left. At this time, the pregnant woman chooses to lie down to sleep to the left, causing pressure on the baby in her belly. Fetal breathing is relatively weak, although not necessarily the fetus can not breathe, but the normal fetal breathing must be limited. < / P > < p > to a certain extent, the heartbeat of the fetus is synchronized with that of the pregnant woman. If the pregnant woman is too excited or too sad, the heartbeat of the pregnant woman will be extremely fast or extreme, which also has an impact on the heartbeat of the fetus. < / P > < p > the activity of fetal heartbeat affects fetal respiration, so abnormal heartbeat of pregnant women will also lead to abnormal fetal respiration. If pregnant women have a short period of asphyxia, then the fetus will also have the same period of asphyxia, but whether the fetus can survive this period of asphyxia is another matter. < / P > < p > abnormal activities or abnormal postures of pregnant women have an impact on the fetus. For example, when pregnant women stand upside down or have more intense movements, the fetal breathing will also be driven by pregnant women, resulting in abnormal breathing. Therefore, during pregnancy, pregnant women are not recommended to carry out too fast and too intense activities. If they want to exercise slowly, that’s the truth. < / P > < p > if the pregnant woman is lying flat all the time during the whole sleep, this is actually inconsistent with the fetal side lying in the mother’s stomach and curling up posture, so the pregnant woman can lie on her side slightly when sleeping, if the pregnant woman’s uterus is not rotated left to right. Pregnant women always keep a position lying flat to sleep, then the fetus in the mother’s stomach, and the mother has been lying in the opposite position, the fetus will also be uncomfortable. < / P > < p > when pregnant women sleep, they can’t keep a sleeping position all night. On the contrary, they should turn around and move more, so that the baby in the belly can move more, and at the same time, they can avoid stiff limbs and cramps. Because when pregnant limbs are edema, and due to the pressure of the stomach is too large, the legs are more likely to appear excessive stout state, if you do not carry out some activities in sleep, sleep all night, legs will be numb all night. < / P > < p > during pregnancy, pregnant women’s activities are actually very slow and heavy. At this time, in order to maintain the flexibility of the pregnant women’s body, and also to relax the pregnant women’s muscles and bones, help the pregnant women relax the whole body, and promote a better sleep state, so that the fetus can have a good sleep state, and the pregnant women can stretch their muscles and bones for a few minutes before going to bed. < / P > < p > pregnant women are tired during the whole process of pregnancy, so the sleep quality of pregnant women is not guaranteed. However, pregnant women should pay more attention when they sleep, and do not oppress the children in their stomach. Don’t want to get pimples again? “Acne” you should do this