Do you know the harm of sleep deprivation? What time do you sleep at night, it has a great impact on your baby’s health

I believe that many parents attach great importance to the cultivation of children’s eating habits, but the same, sleep habits are also very important, because only by ensuring that the baby has enough sleep, they can carry out healthy growth and development. The potential harm of sleeping late to the baby is beyond the imagination of parents. Next, let’s take a look at what aspects of the impact of sleeping late on the baby.

relevant studies have shown that 70% of the baby’s height depends on the genes of the father and mother, and 30% depends on the day after tomorrow. In these 30% of the external factors, the impact of sleep on height ranked first. This is because in sleep will secrete growth hormone, growth hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland, but the pituitary gland secretes growth hormone mainly at night, the more secretion, the more conducive to baby growth.

the two periods of growth hormone secretion were 21:00 ~ 1:00, 5:00 ~ 7:00. But a large amount of growth hormone secretion must have a premise, that is, only in deep sleep will occur. However, if the baby has not gone to bed at 9 o’clock, or has already gone to bed but has not fallen asleep, or has fallen asleep but not yet entered the deep sleep state, then the secretion of growth hormone will be greatly reduced, thus affecting the baby’s height development.

the baby with insufficient sleep will have excessive stress response. If the baby does not have enough sleep, it will be easy to show irritability and irritability, and it is difficult to calm down, and even show the excessive stress reaction of unable to sleep. Moreover, the more people get to the situation of insufficient sleep, the more excited the emotion will be, and in the case of emotional hyperactivity, the baby’s blood pressure, breathing and heart rate will be accelerated for a long time In the past, it will have some worse effects on the baby’s body.

when sleep is insufficient, ghrelin in the body will increase and inhibit the secretion of leptin. Because of this, babies who don’t get enough sleep are more likely to be obese.

in addition, if the baby has insufficient rest and mental distress, he will be lazy to move, while the lack of exercise will only make the body more unhealthy. During sleep, both babies and adults produce proteins called cytokines, which are used to fight infection, disease and stress. But sleep deprivation affects the amount of these cytokines and affects the immune system, which increases the risk of colds and infectious diseases.

in addition, studies have shown that the memory of babies with irregular sleep will also decline, and their memory is obviously much worse than that of babies who had normal sleep before. Therefore, the baby goes to bed early, forms the good sleep habit, will help the brain to run smoothly, the memory is also good, when reading also can get twice the result with half the effort.

in fact, the guidance of parents is very important for the baby to develop a good sleep habit. And the baby has a lot of habits, which are actually influenced by parents. For example, many parents procrastinate at night, or are busy with their work and indulge in chasing dramas. If they forget to arrange the baby for a while, then the baby will sleep very late. If it goes on for a long time, the baby will naturally develop the habit of staying up late. However, if parents wash the baby on time and tell stories before going to bed Then turn off the lights on time to sleep, the baby will do it seriously, so the baby will naturally develop this regular life. Therefore, no matter when, parents should first put down the things in hand, accompany the baby to sleep. Wait until the baby is asleep, and then go to do their own things.

secondly, parents also need to create a good sleeping environment for their baby. If the whole family is used to sleeping late, and TV and conversation sound one after another, then the baby will certainly be affected. It is suggested that at bedtime, parents can dim the lights and turn off the TV. If possible, they can accompany the baby to sleep. Even if the parents are not sleepy, they can take care of the baby and go back to their room and do their own things.

before going to bed, we should try our best to keep the baby away from electronic products such as TV, computer, mobile phone, etc., because these are easy to make the baby addicted, and it is also easy to excite the baby’s brain. To this end, parents must pay more attention, can use bedtime stories to replace these electronic products, so that the baby can sleep more comfortable.

most of the time, the baby’s growth is completed in the process of sleep, so parents must pay attention to cultivate the baby’s sleep habits, so that the baby can grow healthily.