Do you lose your waist before you grow old? 6 movements, 5 minutes before going to bed every day, to protect their health and happy family

In the impression, low back pain seems to be the patent of the elderly. I remember when I was a child, if young people called back pain, the elders would laugh at you: children do not have waist, which waist pain.

but now people are getting older and older, and they are getting younger and younger. The waist discomfort has become a trouble to many people. Go to the hospital, it is not a disease, and you can’t see the fame; if you don’t go to the hospital, it will always trouble you.

this is related to our work and living habits. Standing and sitting for a long time or sitting in the sofa without standing or sitting, resulting in the body and spine can not be extended, and always in a state of curling and compression. We can stretch the body, extend the spine, release the space and pressure of each vertebral body through yoga, so as to relieve the discomfort of the waist and back.

today, I’d like to introduce a set of yin yoga movements that can relieve back discomfort, protect your health and happy family. One day you will understand that your health is the greatest happiness of your family.

the four corner bench kneels on the mat. The legs are about the same width as the pelvis, and the thighs are perpendicular to the floor. Hands apart and shoulder light, arm vertical mat. The pelvis is stable and the spine is upright and balanced. When the head and neck breathe in naturally, when you raise your head, straighten your chest, and when you exhale, lower your head, lift your back and roll up your tailbone. 10 to 15 times with breathing dynamics. Always keep your hands closed and do not move your legs up and down.

stand on the mat on the basis of cat and cow, feet apart with pelvis width apart, knees and toes facing straight ahead. As you inhale, stretch your spine and hold your hands over your head and elbows. When exhaling, bend your knees slightly, bend forward, extend your spine naturally, hang it down, and relax your head and neck. The foundation is stable. Shake your body gently for about 30 seconds. Feel the extension of both sides of the waist and the extension of the back spine brought by your own gravity.

the feet are slightly wider than the pelvis, the soles of the feet rotate slightly, and the knees and toes face in the same direction. As you inhale, stretch your spine and fold your hands in front of your chest. When exhaling, sink your shoulders, place your elbows on the inside of your knees and confront your knees and elbows. Keep breathing for 5 to 8 groups. It’s a good and fast way to relieve the discomfort of the lower back. Lie on the cushion, head, foot and hip in a straight line, chin slightly retracted, neck back extension. Bend your right knee, lift the sole of your foot off the ground, and lean your abdomen toward your thigh. When you exhale, hold your left hand on your right knee, and turn your eyes to the right hand. Keep breathing for 5 to 8 groups, then return to the front and change legs to the opposite side. Keep your shoulders relaxed and fall on the floor with your chest open.

on the basis of the previous step, bend the knees, put the thighs close to the abdomen, hold the legs with both hands, and relax the soles of the feet. With breathing, shake the body about 30 seconds, pay attention to buttocks, waist do not leave the mat. We often share this action, which can open the space of lumbosacral junction. If the position of lumbosacral junction is always arched in downward dog pose, we can practice this action more, and keep it for about 3 minutes each time.

on the basis of the previous step, when the buttocks leave the ground, when holding the waist with both hands to inhale, the back is off the ground, the legs are extended upward, and they are advanced into the shoulder handstand. When exhaling, the legs fall on the ground above the top of the head, and then return to supine after breathing for 5-8 groups. I have explained the plow pose in detail before, but I use it less in the article sharing, and I don’t recommend beginners to practice it by themselves. After pregnancy, do not let the wife do these five kinds of housework, the husband should be responsible for it, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus!