Do you really know the importance of prenatal ultrasound? Maybe you’ll understand after reading this one

Prenatal ultrasound examination, can detect some indicators of the fetus. So ultrasonic inspection is the time of production inspection must be done? Is ultrasound important? < p > < p > ultrasound examination is to check whether there are organic lesions in uterine appendages, because some lesions may affect pregnancy. So prenatal ultrasound can eliminate this risk. < / P > < p > before the baby is born, an ultrasonic examination should be carried out. The purpose of this examination is to determine the intrauterine fetal status and ensure that everything is normal after the baby is born. < / P > < p > the first ultrasound examination is about 11-13 weeks, and the main purpose of this examination is to detect the gestational age of the fetus. But this time, we can’t accurately predict the gestational age. After all, the fetus is very small, so the accuracy is not high. This time, the ultrasound examination will also measure the thickness of fetal posterior cervical translucency layer. The purpose of this measurement is to judge some genetic diseases of infants along with other serum indicators, so as to eliminate many genetic problems, and have great accuracy to ensure that children can keep normal. Expectant mothers who are pregnant with twins or triplets can also use this test to determine whether their babies share the same placenta or amniotic membrane. < / P > < p > the second examination is about 18-21 weeks after pregnancy. This inspection can produce many important results. Since the amount of amniotic fluid in the mother’s stomach is the most during pregnancy, the activity of the fetus will be relatively large, and the structure of the fetus will be more clear. If the fetus has any serious organ abnormalities, it can be found in time. At the same time, at this time, parents can also see the appearance of the baby, which requires the expectant mother to do a 3D / 4D ultrasound, so that parents can have a look at the lovely face of the child, leaving a precious picture for the child to record his appearance in the mother’s stomach. The third examination is about the ninth month of pregnancy. This period is mainly to measure whether the size of the fetus and amniotic fluid are in line with expectations. For example, if the fetus is found to be too small, some treatment should be considered to ensure the normal development of the fetus. At the same time, this examination can also check some abnormalities that are not easy to be found in the early stage. After these risks are eliminated, the mother to be can give birth to this baby in peace of mind. < p > < p > research shows that prenatal ultrasound is safe and harmless to the baby and the mother, and will not cause any fetal malformation or cause the mother to bear some side effects. Parents can feel free to test. < / P > < p > as long as the three prenatal tests can all pass, the next birth examination is a green light. What the parents need to do next is to take good care of their health and welcome the birth of the baby. < p > < p > prenatal ultrasound is very important, it can help all pregnant mothers to check their children in the stomach, and eliminate all the problems in order to ensure that mothers to be give birth to healthy and beautiful babies. So mothers to be put down their concerns, go to the regular hospital for a test of the baby in the stomach! 08/16/2020