Do you still eat the “aging agent” for women? Keep your mouth shut, beauty anti-aging may win half

Women are not afraid of the weather, most afraid of the advent of aging, for this natural change, many women are unable to accept. Most women have a love of beauty since childhood. As they grow older, women begin to make up, maintain their skin, and buy all kinds of new clothes. In fact, these behaviors are all in the decoration of beauty, but aging is the beauty of the “dead enemy.”. < / P > < p > no woman would like to see her face grow old, her skin gradually droop, and her figure gradually lost shape. However, all these things are beyond the control of human resources, and women will eventually accept this fact. In fact, we can observe the people around us. Not every woman in her old age is bound to appear old-fashioned. Although some people are over 40, their skin is still delicate, while some people are in their early twenties, but their facial skin is full of aging. In the final analysis, it has something to do with our eating habits. Many people think that food is satisfying, but they ignore that some foods are harmful to health. < / P > < p > I believe that popcorn is your favorite food when you are watching movies. Some people will buy some popcorn as snacks when they are free. This kind of snack is very fragrant and can be smelled at a distance, let alone put it in front of you. It really makes your mouth water. But popcorn contains a lot of oil and sugar, these substances are cell “aging agent”, in addition to accelerating skin aging, but also easy to make people fat. < / P > < p > drinking is no longer the exclusive hobby of men. As women enter the society and have their own space, women’s nature is also released. Drinking is not only a bridge to expand contacts, but also a way to relax body and mind. But the liver can’t bear to drink a lot of alcohol. When alcohol enters the human body, it will affect the liver function, resulting in toxin accumulation in the body, and wrinkles and spots will appear on the skin. Fried chicken, hamburger, fried dough sticks and other foods may be the most common food for everyone. Although there is a burden and fear of gaining weight when eating, these worries are all forgotten at the moment when the food is imported. But we can’t forget that in addition to easy to make people fat, fried food has a bigger disadvantage, that is, no nutrition, high fat. If you eat it often, the body is not nutritious, and the body’s operation is blocked, it will accelerate the aging of the body. < / P > < p > for many young people, barbecue is a popular food throughout the year. It’s a wonderful night to ask a few friends and order a barbecue table. However, because of the uniqueness of barbecue cooking, the original rich meat and vegetables will be contaminated with many harmful substances. These substances enter the human body, which will accelerate the loss of collagen and make the skin shriveled and drooping. < / P > < p > I wonder if there are any of these foods that you often eat? In fact, women pay attention to skin care, they should pay more attention to the choice of food, eat more skin beneficial food. < / P > < p > many female friends will choose to drink honey water when they are constipated. However, the nutritional value of honey is not only that, but also has the effect of beauty and beauty, because it is rich in antioxidant substances, which can promote cell metabolism and delay aging. The person with bad stomach, often drink honey water, still can warm stomach raise stomach, improve intestinal environment. < / P > < p > it has always been said that eggs can’t be eaten every day, because the yolk contains cholesterol. In fact, this view is too worrisome, because the cholesterol content in a small yolk is actually very low, which is different from “bad cholesterol”. The cholesterol in egg yolk has nutritional value. Women eat an egg every day, but also can supplement the body needs trace elements, promote cell growth. < / P > < p > conclusion: Although diet has a certain impact on the speed of aging, we can’t put all our minds on “eating”, but we should also adhere to exercise. After all, exercise is the meaning of life, and it also contributes to improving metabolic capacity and excreting toxins. Focus