Do you want to buy carrots with or without mud? Vegetable vendor: I never give it to my family

Carrot is one of the most common ingredients in our daily life. It tastes crisp and sweet, and its vitamin content is super rich. Many parents like to let children eat carrots raw, because carrots can give children the nutrients they need, enhance immunity, strengthen spleen, stomach and digestion, and most importantly, protect their eyesight. < p > < p > there are many ways to eat carrots. It’s sweet and delicious to eat raw. Stir frying is a versatile ingredient, especially when carrots are stewed with beef and mutton. It’s a perfect match. When carrots are stewed with mutton, they will fully absorb the fat in beef and mutton, making the beef and mutton delicious without fishy smell. < / P > < p > as a versatile food material, it is essential for every household to buy things frequently. When we purchase carrots, we often find that there are two kinds of carrots, one is covered with soil on the surface, the other is clean and tidy, very beautiful, so which kind should we buy? < / P > < p > friends who know the growing environment of carrots must know that carrots are fruits growing in the soil, and they are the same as potatoes and sweet potatoes. There is a saying: pull out the radish and bring out the mud. Although this sentence is not a commendatory term, the truth is right, so the radish with soil is its original appearance. < / P > < p > so how do the clean and hygienic carrots come from the shelves? In fact, it has been selected, cleaned and sorted out before it is put on the market. In this way, carrots can not only look clean and beautiful, but also can enhance their own value. Because clean carrots are more willing to treat them as boutique vegetables, their prices will be much higher. However, there is a drawback of washed carrots, that is, the skin will be damaged during the cleaning process, and the water loss of carrots will be serious after cutting off the roots. Therefore, it can be eaten immediately after buying it home. If it is preserved, it will soon wither. It is not as good as keeping it with soil for a long time. < / P > < p > after knowing the difference between the two kinds of carrots, let’s talk about choosing carrots. Here are three points to pay attention to, because the vegetable vendor said: he never gives this kind of carrot to his family. < p > < p > the water loss of this kind of carrot is serious, and it is very difficult to preserve. The carrot with damaged skin is easy to be infected with bacteria and dirt, which is not good for health. < / P > < p > hold two carrots of the same size in your hand. If one of them is obviously much lighter, you must not buy them. Otherwise, the carrot will lose water seriously after being stored for too long, or it will be a carrot with bran core. < / P > < p > don’t buy such carrots. The bigger ones taste especially old, and the smaller and thinner ones don’t grow well. It’s a pity that these two kinds of carrots are tasteless when they are bought home. It’s a pity to throw them away. There are also those carrots with soft handle, even if they are cheaper, because they are on the verge of decay. < / P > < p > the above is the difference between carrots with mud and without mud. I believe you already know when you buy carrots with or without mud next time. Use Xiaoning’s carrot purchasing tips to ensure that you can choose a good carrot with delicate and firm flesh and sufficient moisture. PARRENT&CHILDREN