Do you want to enter the college entrance examination? Does sports follow examination or interest

Many students in Guangzhou are very busy this summer vacation, which will be officially implemented in 2021. In line with the idea of “winning at the starting line”, many parents have begun to study how to let their children get full marks in the sports high school entrance examination three years later. It has been found that with the increasingly strict requirements of the education department for good physical education, the problem of physical education being occupied in primary and secondary schools has been greatly alleviated. However, how to calculate a good physical education class has become a paradox: if sports are not included in the examination, it is easy to become a “form”; once included in the examination, it will be valued and become an exam oriented course. Does sports follow the exam or follow the interest? < p > < p > Nanjing girl Xiaogao, who is a sophomore in senior high school, finds that after high school, her mother no longer stares at her practice of rope skipping and sit ups, and physical education in school has become relaxed and interesting. “When I was in junior high school, my mother would urge me, because I had to take these exams in the high school entrance examination, and so was the school physical education class. After the second year of junior high school, I had classes mainly around these examination contents.” This phenomenon is not an isolated case. Under the background of the general implementation of the physical education entrance examination, junior high school physical education is gradually exam oriented, and because sports are not included in the college entrance examination, the content of high school physical education is relatively free. < / P > < p > the deputy director of a grass-roots Education Bureau in an eastern province said frankly that as long as the examination was added, the teaching content of physical education would certainly change, and there would be exam oriented content. Even if it was basic physical training, it would move towards this direction, which was impossible and inevitable. < p > < p > a middle school physical education teacher in Shenyang revealed that the school clearly requires students to moderately lead students to practice middle school entrance examination items in the second and third grade of junior high school. A middle school P.E. teacher in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, said that he would not carry out special exercises around the physical examination in the first and second year of junior high school, and would consciously focus on the high school entrance examination items in the third grade of junior high school. “In fact, this is also the appeal of parents. As far as I know, there are still a few who go to the tutorial class outside.”. < / P > < p > banyuetan: the reporter has noticed that the score of the new sports and health examination in Guangzhou, which will be implemented in 2021, will be increased to 70 points, and the scoring standards of each item will also be improved year by year, and the full score will become more and more difficult. A physical education teacher in Guangzhou said frankly that he agreed to increase the score and difficulty, “when the physical education examination can fully open the score gap, parents will naturally attach importance to sports.”. Mr. Zhang, a Shenzhen parent, said that he signed up for rope skipping classes for his children last year, with a class of more than 100 yuan, “but it’s really instant.”. Half moon talk reporter learned that some parents even spent 20000 yuan to let their children practice rope skipping. Many parents’ opening remarks turned into “how many do your children dance in a minute now?”. < p > < p > < p > a parent calculated the account with the reporter of banyuetan: now, whether it is the physical fitness monitoring of primary school students or the physical education entrance examination, the scores must be full. It is difficult to get more points in the cultural examination, so children should not lose points in sports. No matter what, they have to practice. As for the exam oriented physical education, he did not care: “in any case, it can enhance our physical fitness, so we support it.” What can not be ignored is that the examination oriented physical education course makes the course content boring. Half moon talk reporter interviews found that many children on the practice of “old style” of physical education expressed disgust, they prefer freedom, relaxed, project selection of multiple physical education courses. Some experts believe that the current national compulsory protection of physical education is to enhance students’ physical fitness, so that children can learn one or two sports skills. Physical education is too exam oriented, on the one hand, it does not have sustainability; on the other hand, it will cause children’s rebellious psychology towards sports. < p > < p > exam oriented makes children lose the fun of physical education, so what about not adding physical education? The current domestic high school physical education and high school students’ physical fitness status may answer this question. A senior high school physical education teacher in Hunnan District of Shenyang City said frankly that the physical quality of high school students is worrying. “The school sports meeting record has not been broken for more than 10 years. There are still many students who failed in the 800 meter pass line 25 years ago. Our hurdles in the warehouse are rusty, safety first, these are not dare to carry out. Now, although there are sampling tests for physical fitness monitoring every year, we feel that there is no water This is also the common feeling of many teachers and principals: senior high school students are not even as good as junior high school students. In the interview with the reporter of banyuetan, it is found that due to the reasons of safety and worry about the influence on learning, the physical education of most high schools in China can only reach the level of “moving”. Although the class hours are guaranteed, the exercise effect should be marked with a question mark. A physical education teacher of a key high school in Jiangsu said that the school’s physical education was guaranteed, and even senior three would not stop physical education, but the principle was “don’t be too violent”. A middle school physical education teacher in Guangzhou told banyuetan that if only the entrance examination of physical education, college entrance examination does not test physical education, there is bound to be a pure entrance examination, college entrance examination take the form of the situation. The deputy director of the grass-roots Education Bureau said frankly that the current high school physical education does not meet the requirements of the high school entrance examination. It is more to let children have time to relax. In addition, due to the children’s age characteristics, interests and hobbies, gender differences and other reasons, senior high school sports skills are indeed weakened. “At present, we are still in favor of sports entering the college entrance examination, because at this stage in China, it is very difficult for us to really attach importance to sports. For example, the college entrance examination is coming. There will be a PE class tomorrow. If you are a teacher, will you take it In recent years, China has issued a series of policies to guarantee the development of school physical education, which puts forward clear requirements for each student to master 1-2 sports skills. It can be said that at present, both education departments, schools and parents have a growing awareness of sports. More and more people hope that children can turn physical exercise into a living habit, which can be used for life. < / P > < p > then, how to guarantee the importance and let children experience the fun of sports? A sports teacher in a key high school in Jiangsu said bluntly: “if sports enter the college entrance examination, the children will not be so happy. It’s a bad thing for kids who like PE because they can’t practice what they like, but it’s good for kids who are physically poor and don’t like physical education < / P > < p > “to be honest, it makes sense to enter the college entrance examination or add more professional projects. The most ideal way is to follow the teaching materials and students can choose their own sports. However, how to organize so many sports events, how to use equipment and what is a standard course is not easy to operate. ” “I’m more worried that children will get more and more tired under this kind of examination,” said the deputy director of the grass-roots Education Bureau. Children can’t sleep for a few hours at night. During the day, physical education is added and examinations are required. Can children not be more tired? ” Experts believe that students’ physique has overemphasized the role of school and physical education, while ignoring the importance of family physical education. As a matter of fact, parents’ words and deeds have a great impact on their children. It is very difficult for a parent who does not exercise all day long to let their children fall in love with physical exercise. This needs to further improve the sports atmosphere of the whole society. Only when more and more parents turn sports into a part of their living habits, will children develop sports habits imperceptibly, and physical education will no longer become the only pillar to support children’s physique. 08/16/2020