Doctor reminds: don’t confuse pancreatitis with stomach disease again! Remember the five symptoms and learn to distinguish them

The occurrence of inflammation has a great impact on people’s body. In the case of pancreas, once inflammation occurs, special attention should be paid to it. At present, more and more people are finding out this problem. For pancreatitis, we need to recognize it clearly. What’s the most important thing is to understand what abnormalities exist in the body? < / P > < p > by analyzing the location of the disease, we can find that pancreatitis is inflammation on the pancreas of people, and stomach disease is manifested in the stomach. These two parts belong to different parts, so we must pay attention to distinguish them. < / P > < p > causes different diseases. If it is pancreatitis, it is necessary to consider bile duct stones and biliary tract infection, especially some people may have problems due to excessive drinking. As for stomach disease, you need to consider diet. Wrong eating habits, unscientific and irregular diet, as well as infection with Helicobacter pylori, will lead to more significant stomach discomfort and greater physical damage. < / P > < p > pancreatitis is a rapid disease, while stomach disease is a chronic disease, which needs to be adjusted slowly. Doctors believe that the most important thing is to understand the occurrence of pancreatitis, what will be the performance? < / P > < p > the first is abdominal pain, which is the biggest feeling of many people. The pancreas itself participates in the metabolism process of the body. A healthy pancreas is very important for health care. Once there is inflammation, the abdominal pain will be more intense after overeating and drinking, and the consequences will be more serious. Abdominal pain, often persistent, this kind of persistent pain, will lead to people in pressing, can not bear, the consequences are very terrible. < / P > < p > Second, because of pancreatitis, some people will become very pale. Such paleness may even develop into shock, leading to a downward trend in people’s blood pressure. < / P > < p > Third, abnormalities in the pancreas may reflect to the back, leading to abnormal back pain. However, such abnormalities will be ignored and need special attention. < / P > < p > Fourth, as time goes on, people’s body will show a state of emaciation, and their body will become thinner and thinner. This extremely thin state also needs to be alerted. < / P > < p > fifthly, as an inflammation, it has a great impact on the body, which will bring infection. Such infection will make the body temperature rise, and the body has signs of fever. Such fever is also not conducive to health. < / P > < p > it can be seen that with the occurrence of pancreatitis, there are still many abnormalities. For pancreatitis, scientific prevention is the most important thing, so what should be done? < / P > < p > eating on time is an important way to care for the body. We must eat on time and can’t forget. Many people will ignore breakfast. In fact, such a way will have a great impact on the internal organs, and the consequences are terrible. < / P > < p > in the process of eating, you must not overeat. If you eat too much, you will not stop until you eat too much, which will cause great damage to the pancreas. Therefore, it is most appropriate to keep seven points full. < / P > < p > in the process of diet, do not eat too much greasy food. If the fat intake exceeds the standard, it will affect digestion and metabolism, and even affect the pancreas. Therefore, light diet is the most appropriate way of eating. < / P > < p > don’t drink alcohol. Many people like to drink alcohol. In fact, drinking too much will cause damage to the pancreas. It is because of the stimulation of alcohol, which causes great damage to the pancreas. Therefore, it is suggested that people should not drink alcohol and it is better to stop drinking. < / P > < p > doctors remind us not to confuse pancreatitis with stomach disease, which belongs to different diseases. We must keep in mind the differences between different periods. Scientific nursing regulation is the most important thing, and we should not be careless. HEALTHY LIFE