Doctor reminds: liver cirrhosis, not without trace, the body appears 4 abnormal, advise you to check liver function early

Recently, Xiao Cheng often has nausea and anorexia. Many red spots grow on his chest and arms. His body is becoming thinner and thinner day by day, and his face is not as big as before. He is dark and yellow.

Xiao Cheng decided to go to the hospital for examination. After arriving at the hospital, Xiao Cheng went to have a general examination. Other physical indicators were normal, but the liver function showed abnormal. After further examination, he was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis, and has reached a more serious stage. The doctor said: it’s good that you come in time, and the condition has not continued to develop. It is easy to cause liver cancer if you delay for a long time.

Why is a 29 year old man suffering from liver cirrhosis? Doctor reminds: liver sclerosis, not without trace, the body appears 4 kinds of abnormal, should pay attention to, advise you to check liver function early.

this is because after the liver is damaged, the ability to inhibit estrogen will decrease, and the estrogen in the body will rise, which will easily stimulate the weaker capillaries in the skin, resulting in telangiectasia, hyperemia and spider nevus.

this is because after the liver is damaged, the metabolism of bilirubin will be weakened. Bilirubin is a neurotoxin, and it has color, the color is orange. Generally, it is metabolized by the liver and excreted out of the body with bile.

because the liver has a large amount of detoxification work at night, often staying up late will lead to the obstruction of liver detoxification function, toxin accumulation and liver disease.

the origin of Yuntai ice chrysanthemum is in the famous ancient Huaiqing mansion, and Yuntai ice chrysanthemum is a subspecies of Huaiju. Among them, it is rich in choline, flavonoids, selenium and other beneficial liver elements, “the aristocrat in Chrysanthemum”, so-called Yuntai ice chrysanthemum.

but eating late night food often increases the burden on the liver and even induces liver lesions. Because people’s activity is small at night, but the workload of the liver is increased a lot. If we do this for a long time, we will increase the probability of liver lesions.